Sunday, March 25, 2007

How to Win the Fat War

3,900 - This is the amount of food calories produced every day for each American citizen.

Think about this number for a minute. 3,900 calories is well over a thousand more calories than almost any of us will ever need in a day- but they are being produced so someone has to eat them.

This is what I like to call the North American paradox. Food companies and food producers need us to consume more and more calories to keep their profits coming, yet we want to consume less and less calories to maintain our health.

This is why it is not an exaggeration when I say it is a battle to try and eat less food and to make sure that the foods we do eat are healthy foods.

The best way to win this battle? Always remember that the foods you see in convenience stores and gas stations are there because someone wants you to buy them and has figured out what colors, names, and sizes will make you notice their products.

So the way to win this battle is by not being a "good little consumer".

Try your best to buy only planned foods - The foods you plan to buy during your grocery run.
Resist all unplanned purchases...gas stations, convenience stores, vending machines and checkout lines...these are all examples of places where we typically make unplanned impulse food buys.

Make this one adjustment to your typical daily routine and you are on your way to winning the fat war.


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billy said...

Not to mention, you'll be helping the environment by not supporting the "convenience" culture that contributes to so much pollution and waste.