Thursday, February 14, 2008

Does capsaicin burn fat?

I can remember back to my supplement industry days when capsaicin was a big deal. It had a couple studies showing it increased fat burning and more importantly customers would actually 'feel' their fat burner working when it had capsaicin in it.

Unfortunately, this 'feel' was mostly increased gustatory sweating (not your metabolism revving up 2017% higher than normal), and in my personal opinion all the capsaicin in the world isn't going to make you lose weight.

However, capsaicin isn't completely worthless. After all, it's the chemical in chili peppers that makes them "hot". And, from my experience most pungent components of foods such as capsaicin tend to have health benefits.

Lucky for us a company has finally found a great way to use capsaicin in one of their products.

(Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with Chili - Pure Awesomeness)

Rich dark chocolate and chili pepper extract. Trust me, it tastes way better then it sounds.


PS- Happy Valentine's Day!

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1 comment:

patrick said...

Hey Brad, forgot to tell you, I had a nutrition seminar and mentioned this product and a client ran out after the session and got me one. I was blown away.

Turns out this guy never says "hi" to the owners after 3 years and because i talked about nutrition and plugged ESE, Empowered Nutrition, this blog and in particular this product, he ran out and got me one for me.

Man it was good, but needless to say the cals and sugar I took in were far greater than any capsaicin induced thermogenisis.

Who cares it tasted that good I would eat it again, maybe next time with an ECA as an appetizer.