Monday, September 17, 2007

FTC Slams Weight Loss Book!

As the author of a book that promotes fasting for weight loss, I was a little concerned when I read that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has charged Kevin Trudeau with misrepresenting the contents of his book, 'The Weight Loss Cure 'They' Don't Want You to Know About'.

According to FTC, Trudeau claims that his weight loss plan is not only easy to carry out, but also can be done at home - allowing consumers to eat what they want.

I can tell you that when I first read this statement it really worried me. I also claim that Eat Stop Eat is easy to carry out, and that it can be done at home..or at a restaurant...(honestly, I really don't understand that last comment, what diet program can you NOT do at home?)

However, luckily, this is where the similarities end.

According to, the contents of Trudeau's book, "reveal a complex and grueling plan requiring a severe diet, daily injections of a prescription drug, and lifelong dietary restrictions. FTC also claims consumers cannot easily purchase the drug in question."

Daily Injections of a prescription drug?? Now I see why the FTC were more than a little miffed at Mr. Trudeau!

The FTC have long maintained their position that you cannot find weight loss in miracle pills or fad diets, and I wholeheartedly agree with them.

In my opinion, the best method for weight loss is slow and steady progress using a diet that is sustainable, flexible and effective combined with some form of regular physical activity.

It really should not be anymore complicated than that.

My advice for weight loss is to find a diet that works for you, find a form of exercise you enjoy, commit to a healthy, rewarding lifestyle where you do not stress over what you eat, and do not feel guilty for eating the foods you like. If you can find these components and add them to your life, you will lose weight.


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dmarie710 said...

Hi Brad
Interesting article. I have skimmed the book at my local health food store & put it right back. I'm sure the diet works because of the caloric restriction, but it did seem very extreme to me. You can't have a normal life & do this diet in my opinion.



Barbee said...

I was one of the suckers who spent $46. to get the three books. His claims and statements on TV gave me hope... That's me! I thought. I can't lose weight with diets or exercise... this book is for me....

1) It isn't easy. You have to eat all organic foods (they are expensive and most ironically are sold on sites that he probably has interest in.)

2) He never mentions on TV that you have to find a health practitioner to administer shots several times a week! Of course if you subscribe to his online site you can get referred to one in your area. Of course his site isn't free.

3) He wants you to find a colon doctor and get professional cleansing as well as doing cleansings at home. Not cheap and not easy.

I feel very used and sincerely hope Mr. Trudeau enjoys spending all the money he makes off desperate overweight people, people who work hard for their money, but earn it honestly.

Barb in Buffalo