Sunday, July 15, 2007

How Hilary Did It!

I just read a very interesting article about Hilary Duff's diet secrets and how "she almost went too far".

According to this particular magazine, Ms. Duff was hurt by comments about her weight made back when she was 15.

It made her obsessed and drove her into a "hard-core" diet consisting of vegetables and protein only. After a intervention from her older sister, Hilary eased up on her rigorous program.

Now she's Healthy, Happy and Feeling great.

Here's a few things you need to know about this article.

1. Hilary is a 5'2" young lady who just recently turned 19 years old. Keep this in mind when you read the following points.

2. According to the ESTIMATES in this magazine, Hilary's weight fluctuated from 130 pounds when she was 15 to 100 pounds when she was 17 and now 109 pounds at age 19.

3. She supposedly does one hour long pilates sessions 4 times per week. She also does laps in her pool twice a week.

4. According to the ESTIMATES in this magazine Hilary eats about 1100 Calories per day.

What can we learn from these facts?

Ms. Duff is a 19 year old celebrity who is very small in stature. Granted, she takes her body weight very seriously, however we must keep in mind she also has literally dozens of people around her who profit from her marketability and thus support her efforts to maintain a Hollywood body.

Most importantly, all the information in the magazine is either Estimated (her weight was estimated from pictures and her caloric intake was estimated from a sample 1 day menu) or received from second hand sources (the quote about Hilary doing pilates was taken from her supposed pilates instructor). In other words, we really have no clue what Ms. Duff does to stay in shape.

Bottom line - taking diet and exercise advice from the estimates of what a teenaged 5'2" celebrity movie and music star who was a millionaire before most of us were drive, is just plain crazy.

The lives of celebrities are fascinating, but there's no logic in trying to mimic their supposed weight loss regimens.


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billy said...

What do you think about "The Warrior Diet"?

I looked at the website and was immediately annoyed by claims the author made that basically flew in the face of good common sense like "Don't eat breakfast" and "Make dinner your biggest meal".

Seems like another "guru" trying to confuse people into making more money for himself. And what's with the name, just a marketing gimmick? "Warrior diet" sure sounds cool, but what does it have to do with anything??

EM :) said...

Gosh. Thank you. I am forwarding your blog to everyone I know! :-)
Can I get an, "AMEN."
We are not Hollywood. We do not MAKE MONEY off our bodies, we do NOT have in home chefs, nutritionists, trainers, and Hil has no kids. and she's 19. Pretty much all of that is in her favor.

Brad Pilon said...

Hi Billy,

I actually just finished reading the Warrior diet last month.

It has its good points and it's weaker points. The name "Warrior Diet" comes from the claim that this particular way of eating is similar to the way the Spartans ate.

I don't mind some of the ideas and rituals, and I'm not completely sold on the importance of breakfast (I think its a meal like any other), but I'm not so sure about the big breakfast idea, and pushing his supplements.

If anything its an entertaining read.


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Em,

Thanks for the kind words. Good luck in your contest, let me know if you need any help getting ready.