Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Nutritional Boobytraps

I'm putting the finishing touches on my book so I am going to be slim on the posts this week.

A couple quick points:

Don't fall for the 100 Calorie snack craze. The goal is still to get you to eat more.

Don't fall for the massive guilt trip that's constantly being laid on us about the way we eat. If you've had some fruits and vegetables today you are doing OK. Keep aiming to get in as many veggies as possible, but don't sweat it too much. I'm starting to think 12 servings is a ridiculously unrealistic goal.


Fasting for Weight Loss

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1 comment:

billy said...

Especially considering what the definition of a "serving" is.

If a serving is what you would serve yourself in a sitting, then even those who eat 6 times a day and ate veggies at each would only get 6 servings.

how could you get 12 servings of anything in a day?