Monday, October 08, 2007

How to be a Healthy Vegetarian

In my opinion there are two types of vegetarians. You can either be a healthy vegetarian or a box vegetarian. And personally, I think box vegetarians are some of the most unhealthy people in the world.

A healthy vegetarian, is a person who has decided not to eat all, or some, forms of animal products, and instead has turned to a diet extremely high in a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. These types of vegetarians tend to be better than average cooks, and are extremely creative in the kitchen.

Box vegetarians on the other hand, are people who has decided not to eat all, or some, forms of animal products and instead live off of anything and everything that comes in a box (cereal, pasta, crackers) and occasionally have some fruits and veggies to go along with their box food.

It doesn't matter if you are a vegetarian or a die-hard meat eater, at no point should the majority of the foods you eat be boxed foods.


PS- the key to avoiding box foods is knowing how to shop properly. Check out this blog for a very impressive grocery list, and to get some ideas for your next meal!

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