Monday, October 22, 2007

More "Nutrition by Addition"

Here are a couple great "Nutrition by Addition" ideas:

1. Instead of using lettuce in your sandwich try using Basil or even Mint leaves.

Basil has been studied for its oxidant protective abilities, and for its relatively high Vitamin K content, while extracts from mint are currently being studied for their potential in Cancer Treatment.

2. Add rosemary to any Egg Dish

Rosemary is currently being studied for having anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Add Dried Cranberries to a Spinach Salad.

Cranberries are being studied for their potential in Diabetes treatment. Be careful to avoid certain brands of dried cranberries as they have been soaked in extra sugar.


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1 comment:

billy said...

4. Always throw fresh berries on your cereal

5. Always throw green/red peppers or spinach in your omelets

6. Try using spinach as a substitute for lettuce everywhere, especially iceberg!