Monday, January 14, 2008

Brad's Predictions for 2008

Alright, I know I'm a little late on this one, but here it goes...these are my predictions for the health and fitness industry in 2008.

1)Eat Stop Eat will be the next Atkins Diet

This prediction may sound a little conceited, but the idea of using short periods of fasting for weight loss is definitely catching on. And it shares a number of similarities with the Atkins Diet - it is incredibly effective and it is controversial because it flies in the face of some of our current nutrition fads, just as the Atkins Diet did. The only difference is, Eat Stop Eat is flexible and easy, so for this reason it may become quite as popular as Atkins (for some reason, people love complexity).

(The next big thing?)

2)People you trust are going to start pushing supplements on you

eTrainers and other on-line fitness experts who used to "rage against the supplement industry" will soon start pushing you on supplements as they begin to realize what the supplement industry has known for a longtime - the reoccurring income these products can generate is a quick and easy way to make a lot of money.

(These guys are Different...this stuff is great)

3) We will start to realize that our obsessive compulsive relationship with food is slowly ruining our lives.

Eat six times a day. Only eat protein with fat. Eat low glycemic. Eat to "fuel the machine". I think this year people will finally start to realize that the obsession with trying to figure out what and how to eat to lose weight has left us as a group of neurotic eaters who are more confused and frightened of food than we ever were before.

(I don't care how much it weighs, I'm eating the whole apple!)

4) Everyone will be taking pictures of their food and blogging it.

I think it may have been either Art Devany or Dr. Eades who started this trend, and they both did it with good intentions. It started off as a way of showing people that eating lower carb foods can still involve very appealing looking foods. In 2008 this idea will be bastardized and turned into a competition of "look how healthy I eat" between health and fitness bloggers.

(I'd post a pic of what I ate today, but I was fasting)

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Rich said...


I'm the guy who recently wrote a review on my blog, and have been commenting here and there singing the praises.

Do you and your readers know of Art De Vany? Google it. I have comments up.

Essentially, fasting has changed my life, and I'll get to posting the before and after -- which will be amazsing -- in a couple of months, now that, thanks to you, I've accelerated fat burn from a net pound a month to a net two pounds per week.

My preferred fast is 30 hrs, twice per week, ending with an intense weight session.

One reason I bring up De Vany is because he's an advocate of evolutionary fitness, both in the ways we exercise, and in the ways we eat. This adds to intermittent fasting.

But fasting is the foundation of everything. First we were hungry. That motivated us to act.

Richard Nikoley said...

Well, that'll teach me to read the whole damn post before I pop off a comment...

Tom said...

This is my first time on this blog and I really like the content ; ) Have you guys checked out yet? It's mainly for healthy weight loss, but they also get into some great nutrition and exercise advice.

mattmetzgar said...

"Eat Stop Eat will be the next Atkins Diet". The program would probably help a lot of people but the chances of it catching on in that big of a way are pretty low. This is simply because people like to eat, and people do not like to skip meals.

Mabli Mac said...

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