Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How Working-out and Fasting Effects Your Blood Sugar

Here is another great post about fasting, workouts and your blood sugar.


PS- Please remember, all of these experiments and recommendations are for healthy individuals, if you are diabetic your physiology is different.

PPS- I'm toying with the idea of making Eat Stop Eat Advanced into a DVD as opposed to making it a really big book. Let me know which you would like better...

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Eileen said...

DVD for sure. Then we can watch it while on the treadmill. I personally like any sort of book I can get in audio or video format, so I can "read" it while getting something else done!

Steve H said...

What exactly is Eat Stop Eat Advanced?

I'd be up for a podcast of it along with the book.. I'd need to be able to listen to it at work or the car. No time to watch DVDs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brad
I'm not too sure about the DVD. As a busy mom & just don't concentrate to well when anything is on the TV. I would like a paperback book to be an option or E-book if you were to do a DVD.
Denise Nelson

Chris said...

I'd stick with the ebook -I think it is the right format for the information you are presenting. Easier to sell too - clients download it immediately.

by the way hope you are keeping up with my blog - lots of recent fasting studies!


Murray said...

I'm in favour of the e-book too. I'd like something I can print out and read in bed or on the walk to work.

Brad Pilon said...

Hi Steve,

Eat Stop Eat is the exact the same program, just with a little more explanation of the science, as well as some of the theoretical work from my graduate studies added in for fun.

Basically, it is Eat Stop Eat for bookworms and science geeks!


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Chris,

Of course I keep up on conditioning research, its one of my favorite blogs (Love the writing style).


Chris said...

Thanks Brad!

patrick said...

Do it as both DVD and a book. heck why not an audio book option built into the DVD so we can add it to our MP3's.

Can't wait for the Advanced Edition.