Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How I eat on non-fasting days

I received an email today that said:

"I noticed someone commented on one of your blogs asking about what your diet is like on your non-fasting days, but you didn't answer so it actually made me curious as to what your non-fasting day diet really is like."

Oops. I Apologize for missing that one.

I've never really stopped to think about how I would describe how I eat, but I'll give it a try...

On my non-fasting days I eat for taste and I try to eat responsibly.

I tend to avoid fast food and I make a conscious effort to eat fruits and veggies when possible. I drink way to much coffee and I think I may be addicted to chocolate milk. I don't eat "low carb" or "high protein" or follow any other plan. I think I probably eat a little more protein than the average person and probably less sugar, but really I don't think about it too much.

(It just tastes good)

In all honesty, I think the obsessive compulsive approach to nutrition that is so prominent these days does more harm than good. Think about it, when fitness models and bodybuilders bring electronic scales to resturaunts to weigh the tuna on their salads, we commend them for being dedicated?!? To me this represents everything that is wrong with nutrition today.

It doesn't have to be this complicated.


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Anonymous said...

Someone on one of the diabetic blogs asked for your view of low carb for diabetics. I said you would likely be for it, but had done no research in the area. She and I both intermittent fast, I started after I read your book. With appropriate frequent BG testing of course. We both have found that medications could be dropped and BGs were coming down, including on non-fasting days.

Anonymous said...

oops, reduced dosages, not dropped taking medications.

Brad Pilon said...

Hi Anon,

While my expertise is not in disease states, however my opinion is that low carb for diabetics makes a lot of sense.

I followed the arguement between Adam Campbell of Men's Health and The American Diabetic Association and think that Adam presented a very good arguement as to the benefits of low carb for diabetics.

Diabetes kind of reminds me of a food allergy - Their bodies just don't agree with sugar. We don't tell people with a peanut allergy to just keep eating peanuts and medicate when ever they have a reaction, so why would we do that with diabetics?

Congrats on being able to lower your meds, I can only imagine how great that must feel.


Taylor Ryan said...

I give myself one day per week where I eat what I want and I guess since I am so used to my healthy habits even on the bad days I eat well, with maybe a bit more chocolate then normal!

Anonymous said...

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