Saturday, June 21, 2008

3 Things I have learned from my little girl

1. If you have sensitive skin that gets dry and itch really easily, nothing beats baby body wash.

Forget the overly-scented florescent blue 'manly' body washes, for me it's Johnson's Head-to-Toe or nothing.
(Great for sensitive skin)

2. If you have curly hair (and I mean REALLY curly hair), pretty much any shampoo is going to strip it and cause to frizz.

If I use the wrong shampoo I end up looking like Will Farrel from Semi Pro.

(NOT the author of Eat Stop Eat)

My hair relief comes from (once again) stealing from my one year old daughter. Nothing beats Baby Shampoo if you have curly hair. Seriously. Give it a try.

(Great for curls)

3. I'm sure any parent will agree that when you are shopping for baby food, you pay little attention to the exact ratio of protein to carbs in the food. You don't examine foods and try to guess whether the protein is slow release or fast release, and I doubt you'd go looking for baby formula with extra added green tea extract.

Nope, the obsessive compulsive nutritionism approach to food goes out the window when you are dealing with little ones.

Instead, you fret over quality. You want food without anything 'added' that shouldn't be added. You want food made from ingredients you recognize.

I go out of my way to avoid baby oatmeal with extra 'stabilizers', or yogurt with thickening agents. It is quality above everything else when dealing with very young children.

In fact, this is where I developed my theory of eating for quality (see the post HERE).

What I beleive to be the optimal way to approach eating, was actually developed during a rather stressful Daddy-anxiety attack while grocery shopping and trying to find yogurt made from whole milk as opposed to 'modified milk ingredients'

(Check out how she goes for the really, really big piece)

So the nutrition advice for today is feed your self the way you would feed a baby..just without the mess


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hoodia gordonii said...

What a lovely video! and I do agree with you when it comes special attention with baby's food as babies also need missing nutriments.

nic s. said...

Hi Brad, she is definitely a cutie!
A agree with you on Johnson's Head-to-Toe. Since using it as a facial wash instead of those harsh
acne washes, I actually stopped having breakouts. Go figure! And it's also so much cheaper than the alternatives.

Anonymous said...

Dove body wash for sensative skin, as well as their soap works for me. But I am glad to know there is another brand RobLL

Addiction Treatment said...

i liked the video. will farrel looks

Anonymous said...

Making your own yogurt is simple. Try it sometime!