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Eat Stop Eat Q n' A's

I thought today I would share some of the latest emails I have received about Eat Stop Eat. I typically end up answering about 20-30 per day, so these are just a random 'sampling'


Brad -

Eat Stop Eat is expensive. I am having to buy smaller clothes every 4 weeks. :)

I am down 15lbs since February. My weight loss and being healthier rules are simple.

Follow Eat Stop Eat.
Eat healthier.
Workout full body 15 to 30 minutes per day.

The weight Just seems to be melting off. Thirty more pounds and I will be lighter
than I have been in 10 years. That is my goal for end of year!


Hi David,

Thanks for the great email! And, congratulations on the great success to date.

I love that you've got the Eat Stop Eat philosophy nailed down so perfectly.

I can't wait for you to hit your goal!


Hi -

I like the "sound" of the eat stop eat program but.. what happens when one goes off the program after losing weight? Do they continue fasting? Aren't they going to gain the weight back since there aren't restrictions on their diet per say?



Hi Claudia,

It is nice to meet you and thank you for the email.

If you stop fasting all together and go right back to your old way of eating, you will eventually gain weight, until you hit the weight that your old amount of eating supports.

I know it is depressing, but each an everyone of us has our own internal balance, where a certain amount of food will make us weigh a certain amount. If you increase or decrease the amount of food you eat, then you will either gain or lose weight.

This is why most people use eat stop eat twice per week to lose weight, then once per week to maintain their new weight, while still being able to enjoy great tasting foods.

Both my wife and I have been following this lifestyle for almost 2 years now, and I can tell you there is a great sense of relief knowing that I can have cake for father's day, and not worry about putting on weight, because I know that when I fast on Tuesday it will all "even out".

I hope this answer helps,


Hi Brad!

Thanks a million for the really quick and helpful response!

I’ve got another question that is probably going to be a very stupid question but what about hypoglycaemia?

We’ve always been told that it’s caused by a lack of glucose in your blood and that’s why you feel dizzy and faint and you should have something high in fast-release sugar to get better. Is there a way to get past this nauseous feeling without breaking the fast or is it simply a symptom of withdrawal from the “sugar drug”?

Hi Cami,

I hope your first fast went well!

Great timing with your question. I just finished reading a paper titled "Effect of fasting on young adults who have symptoms of hypoglycemia in the absence of frequent meals".

In this paper the researchers found that in a group of healthy young subjects a 24 hour fast did not cause blood sugar to dip below 3.5 mmol/L. Meaning that during the entire fast, blood sugar slowly lowered itself, but remained at normal non-hypolgycemic levels.

Here are some examples of a similar experiment that I conducted on myself..

I also just recently reviewed a paper on glucose metabolism that was examining subjects who had a history of what they considered to be hypoglycemic episodes. During the study these subjects never had any periods of documented hypoglycemia, even when the supposed symptoms of hypoglycemia were present. The researchers concluded that they felt the symptoms were related to anxiety over not eating, as opposed to hypoglycemia.

I hope this answer helps.


Hi Brad,

It's Jennifer checking in.

I thought you might enjoy a visual as to what I have accomplished with Eat-Stop-Eat. I have said it before in my numerous emails, this program has been the best and easiest eating plan I have used to date. I am now maintaining my goal weight with one fast per week. I enjoy my favorite foods, within reason, and it is effortless. It is just amazing that I lost fat and didn't feel like I was dieting. Plus, I truly do enjoy the fasts. I get so much accomplished, for example, writing this email because I am so pleased with your program.

Thanks again!
Jennifer in Austria

PS. These photos were taken about 12 weeks apart AND the second one was taken about 15 weeks from the red bikini beginning. I am getting visible abs!

Hi Jennifer,

Its great to hear from you again. Your pictures blew me away! you've done such an amazing job. I don't think you are 'getting' visible abs, you definitely HAVE visible abs.


It is emails like this that make all the work worth while..thank you so much.


(I wish I could share the pictures with you, but I don’t think that would be fair to Jennifer)

I hope these Q n A's have answered some of your questions about Eat Stop Eat.


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