Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You Don't Make Friends with Salad

Right about now my little brother is killing himself laughing.

As a Simpson's affectionado, I bet he immediately realized that I just quoted the Simpson's in the title for this post.

And while watching the Simpson's family form a Conga line and sing this song to mock Lisa for becoming a vegetarian was entertaining, salads are no laughing matter.

Most salads are wolves in sheep's clothing.

Let me explain..

Almost every big restaurant chain makes the nutritional profile of their meals available on the internet.

I highly recommend you do some surfing and check out the calorie content of some of the salads that are available at your favorite restaurants...of course, do it on your lunch break if you are at slacking ;)

You will probably be surprised when you find that most salad entres have just as much IF NOT MORE calories than many of the traditional entres (the main meals salads, not the appetizers).

My favorite Salad at Boston Pizza has over 1,000 Calories! The salad I like at Kelsey's has over 800!

The bottom line is that a lot foods get a halo around them because they are 'healthy'. When you hear people complaining that they "eat like a bird" but still can't lose weight...typically this is because they are assuming some foods are healthy and low calorie, when in fact they are not.

Quick quiz, if you were to order a snack at Starbucks, which of these options has the least amount of calories

a) The blueberry Oat Bar
b) The Banana Loaf
c) The Espresso Brownie
d) The Multi-Grain Bagel

The answer is C) The Espresso Brownie.

Watch for wolves in sheep's clothing when you are eating at restaurants and fast food places. These days the 'healthy' option isn't always the best option.


PS - Here is a great email that I received form Denise...

I just wanted to let you know that I've had real success with Eat Stop Eat in just a short time. I've lost 10 pounds since April by fasting 1-2 days a week. On top of that i've increased weights in my deadlifts and kettlebell training as well as increased in pullups. I plan on continuing the Eat Stop Eat program forever. -Denise
I love the fact that she is losing weight AND getting stronger! Keep up the great work Denise!

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billy said...

True, but what about the makeup of those calories? If you're avoiding highly processed carbs and sugars by eating oats or salads, I say you're probably better off in the long run. It seems like salads are usually made up of whole veggies and meats and oils, and less processed.

I'd rather have an 800 calorie salad than an 800 calorie sandwich or bowl of pasta. And I'd rather have an oat bar with more calories than a brownie full of sugar!

Brad Pilon said...

Hi Billy,

Good to hear from you. Unfortunately, I don't think the calories are coming from the peppers and greens. They are mostly coming from toppings and oil

I would also argue that there aren't many things in our foods that are MORE processed than vegetable oil.

The point I was trying to make is that people opt for the salad because they think it has less calories than the pasta.

I understand your argument from a 'healthy eating' point of view, but for weight loss, it's hidden calories many people do not think they are eating.

And you'd be surprised, the Oat bar and the Brownie have almost identical sugar content.