Thursday, May 31, 2007

Diabetes Drugs and Heart Attacks

Normally, I don't post about supplements or drugs. However, an email just appeared in my in-box that made me think an exception may be in order.

According to an email from the American Diabetes Association;

"The government's preliminary evaluation of the diabetes pill Avandia confirms the heart risks reported in an earlier study and suggests that as many as 60- 100,000 heart attacks might be linked to its use over the last eight years, a leading member of Congress said Thursday."

Now I know that word-bites such as this tend to blow the results of any study way out of proportion, so I will reserve an hard comments until I get all the facts, but the reason I chose to post about this topic is as follows:

I find it very frustrating that governments and health professionals are so quick to turn to drug treatment for diabetes, and are so opposed to any dramatic nutritional interventions.

Adam Campbell of Men's Health Magazine has been fighting this battle for a while now (See his blog HERE), and has stated time and time again that the "primary treatment for diabetes should be diet (and, of course, exercise)" and I agree.

This is more of a rant than anything else, but I will end with saying that diet and exercise are and always will be your best tools in the battle to stay healthy.


Fasting Diet, Circuit Training

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