Friday, June 01, 2007

The Things You Can Find On Google

After taking the plunge and "googling" myself, I've realized any hopes I may have had of convincing people I was a normal high school student have been completely destroyed by an excerpt from a 1996 issue of MacLean's Magazine that has somehow become available online...

"Even many public schools are urging kids to thumb a ride on the information highway. This past spring, Brad Pilon, a senior student at Nelson High School in Burlington, Ont., received help with a major research paper on a rare form of diabetes from experts at Hamilton's McMaster University. Using a so-called chat line, Pilon regularly posted questions for pathologist Del Harnish and his graduate students. Every few days, they fired back answers. 'The subject is new, and hard to find in any books,' says Pilon. 'Besides, you can't ask a book questions.'

15 years later and I still can't stop asking questions.


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