Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Energy Scam

Boosts Energy!

Provides Energy!

Both of these statements are great claims to put on a food or supplement. After all, everybody wants more energy in their day. More energy to hit the gym, take the kids to swimming, make it through class, or just make it through the day.

But is this the type of energy we are talking about?

Unfortunately no.

If we take a look a the things that 'boosts energy' – eggs, milk, protein bars, so called energy drinks and lately...tuna.

The 'energy' these things provide is Calories.

Calories ARE energy.

So when a food or supplement tells you that it provides energy, what it is actually saying is that it provides Calories. And, 'boosts energy' simply means 'boosts the amount of Calories you eat'

Its a clever marketing claim that is based in semantics. They say the truth, and we interpret it in a completely different (and much more appealing) way.

The funny thing is, the type of energy that we are looking for – alertness and vigor can be created by these "Fab Five" – A good nights sleep, the right attitude, exercise, fasting and a stress free lifestyle.

Add these five things into your life and you will have days full of unlimited energy...without relying on foods or supplements that 'boost energy'


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Clinton Walker III said...

Unfortunately in the fitness industry gimmicks has dominated the scene. A good healthy body always takes a good workout plan and healthy eating with reagular food.

Garren and Jayne said...

Have you tried MonaVie? I'm sure you have heard of the acai berry. I have been using it regularly for 5 months and have been amazed with how great I feel...not a quick energy boost. The more I look into this product the more I am impressed. What are your thoughts on it?