Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Food, famly, friends

My little brother is back in Ontario visiting for the week. To celebrate, my parents hosted an 'open house' where neighbors, friends and family got together and we all had a chance to catch up.

We also ate.

Actually, given the way I was eating, I'm not sure if anyone else even had the chance to eat.

I was a glutton. I'm not sure why, but I think I subconsciously decided to either start training to be a professional eater, or was just trying to see if I could make my stomach explode.

It was THAT bad.

Personally, between you and me, I blame my sister-in-law-to-be's Xmas cookies. They are amazing, and they are what caused me to "break the seal".

To use lingo from my alma mater (the University of Guelph) - I crushed it.

Xmas cookies, walker's chocolates, muffins, some AMAZING meat balls (thanks Mom!), more muffins, more Xmas cookies, pastry, even more cookies....and a stick of celery ;)

It wasn't until my stomach actually started to hurt and BEGGED ME TO STOP that I realized I had gone WAAAAY overboard.

But this is what happens when you hit the holiday season. You over eat and when you do, there is a chance you overeat BIG TIME.

But here's some interesting info for you: At the height of my stomach busting gluttony, about 1 hour after my eating frenzy, I tested by blood sugar.

5.5 mmol/L (about 100 mg/dL)


Not even postprandial (the amount you would expect from an average person after an average meal).

Thank you 2 years of fasting and weight training.

I ate sugary cookies and pastries until I could barely keep my eyes open and still had a normal blood sugar reading.

Here is another great thing I want to share with you. On the drive home, I obviously knew I had overate, but I also knew it wasn't a big deal.

I knew I wasn't going to wake up 5 pounds heavier on Monday (I checked this morning..just to make sure)

And since I knew I could fast twice this week I still had everything under control.

So here's my point - We all mess up. And chances are if it's gonna happen, it's going to happen during the holidays. Yes I could have been a little better, but (AND HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART) there is no need to stress out.

Devoting your entire life to losing fat and not taking time off to enjoy the cookies every once in while is a recipe for a very boring life.

Don't let your quest for weight loss get in the way of what truly counts.

Food, family and friends.


PS - Freedom comes from knowing that you CAN eat less. That your metabolism won't slow down and you won't lose muscle just because you decided not to eat for 24 hours.

Just as you can overeat every once in a while and not need to stress out
you can also under-eat without stressing out.

Eat Stop Eat – Experience freedom now.

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Lenette Nakauchi said...

Thanks for sharing Brad! I'm still not sure I can do this twice a week but I am very interested. I used to fast one day a week for a couple months after reading the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle book and The Miracle of Fasting Book. So I did it for the health reasons. I'd love to be able to do this again. I eat a 100% raw vegan diet now but think doing both would just be the best idea ever!

Becky said...

Thanks for your advice. I needed to hear this today. I completely pigged out and have been feeling guilty all day over it. I will take your advice and not stress. I will do better tomorrow. I actually have been trying to obtain a goal of getting healthier. I have been following, Randy Wysong's health tips from his book, "Living Life As If Thinking Matters." Up until today I had been doing pretty good.

Christoph Dollis said...

"I eat a 100% raw vegan diet...

Then you're eating a 100% for sure unnatural human diet, and an unhealthy diet without diligent supplementation and/or exacting food selection.

Maxx said...

Great post. I think where many people get it wrong is they are to rigid and way to hard on themselves. The secret to anything, in my humblest opinion, is moderation. Have what ever you like, just don't overdo it. As far as fasting goes I do it twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays and it is absolutely brilliant, highly recommended

Keep up the good work

Nexis said...

I completely agree... I too let myself loose at times.

Chandra said...


I must say I don't think your timing could be much better on the post. I just wanted give you a shoutout saying that I think this is a good thing you're doing here. I have heard great things about your book and am currently waiting on my college to pay me for tutoring kids so that I can actually afford to buy it. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Great post.I'm curious to know if you use a glucometer that checks plasma or whole blood,to evaluate your blood glucose..since whole blood glucose monitors show value 10-15% lesser than plasma..not sure if that information is correct.Thanks

chocolate soy protein said...

I have found a little secret to keep me from over-eating during the holidays. I drink a protein shake before a holiday meal or party and it cuts way down on the naughty things i might eat otherwise!

Brad Pilon said...

HI Anon,

Good question I will have to check.

Fitness Blogger said...

I have never done this on a regular basis. I have done detoxs for a week, with nothing but fruit.