Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why Diets Stop Working

I feel very confident in saying that the vast majority of professional health care providers know that starvation mode is a myth.

I also feel confident in saying that any professional health care provider who would tell a patient that the reason they aren't losing weight is because they are not eating enough has no business giving anyone health advice.

To be blunt, the scientific community has debunked the idea of starvation mode.

But starvation mode was just a theory. And it was a theory that was created in an attempt to explain a phenomenon that is VERY REAL.

There is scientific evidence to support the statement that it is possible for people who are following extreme diets to stop losing weight. This is not a myth; it is a very real phenomenon.

And while you may think this is strange, what's even stranger is that when this phenomenon happens, the people it affects are STILL LOSING BODY FAT.

That's right, they are not losing weight, but they are losing body fat. Only you can't tell. In fact, it may even look like they are putting on fat.

No doubt you probably think I've gone 'off the deep end' and fallen deep into the murky waters of obsessive compulsive eating - but don't worry, this isn't some OCE scare tactic (I'm not going to try to scare you into eating in some methodical or obsessive manner). It's a real metabolic situation with a very logical explanation and very simple solutions.

It took some massive digging for me to find the answers to this phenomenon ( I ended up having to track down research from World War 2). When I finally found this research it completely changed the way I looked at weight loss, extreme diets and (believe it or not) bodybuilders.

I've put everything together in my newest audio file "Why Diets Stop Working" which is now available exclusively with the Eat Stop Eat Advanced Audio files.

If you'd like to know about this under-reported silent culprit that could be sabotaging your weight loss results, then it's time to listen to the Eat Stop Eat Advanced Audio files.

My goal with Eat Stop Eat is to help you lose weight easily and effectively, and also to help you see through the myths and pseudo-science that are so prevalent the field of nutrition.

I think this new project does a great job expanding on this goal.


PS - the Eat Stop Eat Advanced Audio files are available at www.EatStopEat.com

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Damn you Pilon! I wanted that information for free!

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