Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bad news for Hoodia Marketers

I just read a very interesting article on nutraingredients.com titled "Unilever drops Hoodia"

After spending years studying the weight loss potential of Hoodia, the massive corporate conglomerate Unilever has decided to drop its interest in the herb after concluding that the super popular South African plant extract did not meet both safety and efficacy requirements.

While I can't say the comments about efficacy surprised me, the mention of safety is a tad worrying.

Just another reason to stick to calorie restricted diet and weight training. Save your money, get results.


PS- For more information you can visit - Hoodia Article

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1 comment:

Germaine said...

What I can say for Hoodia from my experience is that it does supress your appetite but only for a few weeks. It will work the first month or two. After that it's effects wear off like some other herbal supplements I've tried.

I don't think Hoodia is meant to be taken long term. They are for short term weight loss goals like you need to lose 10 lbs in a few weeks. Take Hoodia. Eat less. But when you hit your goal, maintain your weight with proper diet and regular work outs.

Or you can take Hoodia over Christmas to control your appetite during parties.

Then take a break for a while. I don't think this product was meant to be taken long term. The African bushmen who took it only took them for short hunting trips.