Friday, June 15, 2007

The Truth About Fruit Juice

These days it seems like hardly anyone drinks fruit juice anymore. Whenever I ask people why they don't drink juice, I get answers like "Sugar from fruit makes you fat" or "It's just too much sugar."

Truthfully, one of these reasons is actually correct. While the argument that the sugar in fruit (fructose) makes you fat is weak at best, the sugar content in today's juices is way too high for me.

A single glass of grape juice can have over 40 grams of sugar in it! That's a lot even by my liberal standards!

So here's my simple solution for enjoying juice in the summer: Tea-Sangria!

  • First, mix one cup of the juice of your liking with one cup water
  • Next, boil water and make two cups of either green tea orwhite tea (let it steep for a minute or two).
  • Then, mix the 2 cups of tea with the juice/water mix, addlemon slices, lime slices, some blueberries and lots of ice.
  • Wait for it to chill and enjoy,

You get all the health benefits of tea and juice at only 7-10grams of sugar per glass!

Helping you beat the heat,


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billy said...

I like to pour a little bit of juice (usually pomegranite juice) into a glass with ice (not even 1/4 of the glass). Then, fill the rest of the glass with seltzer water. Play around with the amounts until you find a mixture that you like.

I find that the less accustomed you are to sweet, the less sweetness you need to enjoy the flavor.

Brad Pilon said...


"I find that the less accustomed you are to sweet, the less sweetness you need to enjoy the flavor."

I totally agree with you on this one, I've found that anybody who weens them self off of sugars (like going from 3 sugars in their coffee down to 1) are often very surprised at the sweetness when they go back to their old intakes.

I think we build up a "sweet tolerance"


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