Sunday, June 24, 2007

Weight Loss Supplement SPAM!

Alright, enough is enough!

While trying to answer the reader emails we get over at, I realized my inbox was flooded with no less than 11 emails in the past two days for a certain weight loss supplement.

11 different advertisements (from 11 different email addresses) for another supplement containing Hoodia!

Hoodia is a herb that has gained amazing popularity despite not having any research behind it. What's even more disappointing is that real Hoodia comes from Africa and I know from my previous dealings with this ingredient that there is a very limited supply coming out of Africa.

Most of the stuff on the market right now is coming from India or China. The actual use of Hoodia is patented, and the patent is exclusively licensed to Unilever (a gigantic corporation). So the chances of you getting real Hoodia in your product are slim, and lets not forget that the effectiveness of even the real Hoodia has never ever been proven in published research.

Supplement companies would be wise to remember the lawsuits that resulted from the scam ingredient coral calcium, and avoid adding Hoodia to their products until more research becomes available proving its effectiveness and please, please....stop with the email spam.


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Cricket Fitness - David Hinchliffe said...

I agree. I get several mails a day too. Thank goodness for my spam filter.

billy said...


I am a big proponent of natural, healthy weight loss. However, there comes a time in every weight loss quest (well, every successful one) where it becomes difficult to lose more weight.

What is your opinion of stimulant products like Hot Roxx to help shed those last few pounds? Do they help? Are they dangerous?


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Billy,

I'm pretty sure you know my background, so hopefully you will understand this cryptic answer.

If you want to accelerate your fat loss and have 40 dollars to put towards your goal, that 40 dollars would be best spent on a program like Craig Ballantyne's turbulence training.

I can't think of anything else that you could spend your 40 dollars on that would would help you...even a little bit.


billy said...

haha great advice- thanks!

Anonymous said...

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billy said...


I have a random nutritional question for you.

Looking at the nutrition info on a package of hummus the other day, I found the following info:

Serving Size: 27g
Total Fat: 3g
Total Carbohydrate: 9g
Total Protein: 3g

Why don't these macronutrient breakdowns add up to 27g? What makes up the other 12 g?


Anonymous said...

re: hoodia
According to FASEB, 15(4), 2001 and FASEB 16(4), 2002, the preclinical evidence is actually impressive....sig effects on decreasing, food intake, body fat mass, etc...

Suggests strong potential for clinical appetite and weight control. For some people this is huge!