Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bad News about Blog Comments

I've decided that I am going to have to moderate the comments on my blog.

There is just too much spam, and its ruining it for everyone.

I will continue to allow different opinions, arguments, snide comments...really anything goes, as long as it is not robot-generated spam.

It sucks that I have to do this, but its the best option to keep this blog an informal but beneficial area to share and gather knowledge.


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Josh Aronovitch said...

What effect would just 50 grams of protein have? Now I'm curious...

MarieBo said...

Hi Brad!

It seems to me that your blog is about NUTRITION and not about opinions as such.
Everybody has all kinds of opinion about anything and everything.
Do we need to know if somebody agrees with you or not ?
If somebody is jealous of your success or not ?

Do we need ONE MORE BLOG where all these virtually challenged and aggressive people need to express their anger because this is all they are able to do ?

Finally, what is interesting in a (pro) blog like yours is:
° questions about your approach
° experiments of people who tried it and are happy about it
° experiments of people who tried it, had problems and found some flaws with it
° feedback to your posts

And I am not writing this because your approach works for me or not.
For now, I am trying something else. But I might try yours later.

On my own blogs (in French), I control which comments I want to publish.
These comments must be helpful or else, those bitter readers have to publish elsewhere.

Anyway, everything has been said about dieting as if ONE solution could help EVERYBODY.
Which is obviously not the case, obesity is increasing everywhere.

So don't feel bad about choosing wisely what should appear on your blog.

It is YOUR blog after all and you believe about what works for you and for many other people who tried your approach.

Keep up the good work,


Brad Pilon said...

Hi josh..

From what I can tell, the response would be roughly equal to that of 50 grams of CHO.


Anonymous said...

stumbled on you while googling around the web, thought I might be able to help and save you some time be recommending Mollom? It's worked very well for me on a few sites, blocking over 99% of spam comments. It's free. I believe it works with blogger.

I'm in no way connected or have any interest in Mollom, just wanted to help.


Hart said...

can't you just turn off anonymous comments? that worked for my blog.