Monday, December 01, 2008

Weight Loss Irony

When I saw this, I couldn't help but get out my video camera and shoot a quick video for you.

I thought of just telling you about it, but it sounds too unbelievable to be true.

I thought about just taking pictures,but I'm sure someone would claim it was photoshopped.

So I went with a video.

If you've ever wondered why some people find it so hard to stick with a diet, or why people who go to a gym or weight loss center still have problems losing weight, look no further then the awesome weight loss irony of marketing and product placement.

See the video below...

If you see any examples of weight loss irony in your neighborhood, shoot a video or take a photo of it...who knows, maybe we can start a brand new blog on the topic.


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Tom Accuosti said...

Fitness irony?

Like the pic of the gym with the escalator up to the front door?

Brad Pilon said...

Hi Tom,


I was once at a national Diabetes conference, where the snack before lunch was brownies and juice.


billy said...

At my old gym, they had advertising posters up in one of the rooms for...

Wendy's. It was a giant picture of a Wendy's sandwich to look at while we worked out! ;)

Brad Pilon said...


At my gym, they toast bagels on the main floor, and the gym is on the second floor balcony..

All the poor people on ellipticals, barely breaking a sweat, smelling the smell of lightly toasted bagels...



Redlefty said...

Our YMCA regularly serves pizza and ice cream, ha!

health cover said...

This is a torture! HAHAHAHAHA!

Casey said...

Brad--I bought the book yesterday, read it quickly and am excited about the plan. But I have a (probably stupid) question:
when you suggest a 6 pm to 6 pm fast, are you assuming that would mean skipping dinner at the start of the fast?

Brad Pilon said...



oh man, how does any body lose weight at your gym..I could not workout then pass on the smell of pizza!

On a serious note, isn't interesting how the right profits can skew the message completely?


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Casey,

the goal is to miss 2-3 meals, it really depends on what works best for you.

I typically eat dinner the first night skip breakfast and lunch, then have a late dinner the next, so skipping two meals.

But this is just what works for me.


Brad H said...

Ha... when I was running clubs, the national advertising people that paid us to have their ads in there always put up:

Pizza Hut


But, as bad as I hate to say it... probably pretty SMART.

After all, if you're on a diet... you're "suffering" (for lack of a better term)... and since many people don't have a lot of willpower... you might as well put your ad up to get the person to eat your stuff when they "cheat"...

Plus, since everyone underestimates the amount of calories that they burn during exercise... they'll think that one little king size fry can't hurt anything, right?


luccy said...

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Fitness Blogger said...

That is funny. The law of unseen consequences