Thursday, December 18, 2008

Weight Loss Exercises

I don't believe in Starvation Mode (If you've read my book you know why).

However, I do believe in diminishing returns when it comes to weight loss exercises like running or walking.

The amount of calories running or walking causes you to burn (above and beyond your normal resting metabolic rate) is dictated by how much you weigh and how far you move.

If you lose weight then these exercises burn less calories. And, it doesn't matter if this weight is fat OR muscle.

The bottom line - The more weight you lose the less effective these exercises become at burning calories.

You can watch my video for more details:


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sandro said...

hi Brad!

thanks for this explanation abou weight loss.I'm just wondering that:but if I use an agressive diet
isn't true that my body ended up to become more e more efficent about using energy and my diet less efficent(so I consume less calories per hours)??


Garry said...


thanks for the excellent videos & emails... keep up the good work. One additional benefit I find from your 24Hr fasts is that if I've ingested something I am sensitive too, like spicy or gluten containing foods... it allows my stomach/intestines to heal up dramatically during a 24Hr fast, when regular eating would otherwise only aggravate the damage & give me sharp bouts of pain c.3 Hrs after every meal... so thanks again.

Abi said...

hey brad, quick question.. if starvation mode doesn't exist, i can just eat 3 to 4 meals a day in moderation and still lose weight as long as i do exercise. What happens if i don't do the fast, but still eat low, and do heavy resistance exercise?

and i recently read your interview with vince delmonte. When focusin on building muscle, do i eat high calorie but still maintain the fasting? or do i eat just as normal and do more intense muscle building workouts?

thanks for introducing this method though.. i wanted to see how this works so i jacked up my weight and now in fat loss mode.. lose 4 lbs in two weeks already.. and i've only fasted 3 times!

Brad Pilon said...

HI Abi,

Great questions. You can absolutely lose weight eating 3 meals per day as long as you are in a caloric defect for an extended period of time.

For muscle building, I don't see the need for high amounts of calories, stick with high quality resistance training - it is how you will get results.


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Sandro,

You body will become more efficient by becoming smaller. As you lose fat, your body automatically becomes more efficient because it has less weight to move around.

This isn't a starvation is just physics.

I hope this helps,


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Garry,

Great feedback. I wonder if other people following Eat Stop Eat have noticed the same thing re: sensitivities.


jennifer said...

Hi Brad,
Interesting stuff about the food sensitivities. While I don't suffer those, I have been known to be a victim of Just ask my husband.
I noticed this has become significantly less and less since I started Eat Stop Eat. Again, just ask my husband.

Another thing I noticed since including fasting is that my fingernails have become very strong. I have never had strong nails in my life, so this really stands out.

I am curious about the effects of fasting on the hormonal changes in women's monthly cylcle. For now I am enjoying the more consistent moods.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.