Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weight Loss Goals

As we approach Jan 1 2009 (Far, far too quickly in my mind), I think its best we took a second to consider our weight loss resolutions.

I'm all for goals. I think they're great, and an INTEGRAL part of success, but it is important that we KEEP IT REAL.

Take the picture below. Same pic, just pre- and post- photoshop work. (I think the original photo is from

This kind of work is standard in almost all magazines, and movies (ESPECIALLY the new trend of etching in guys abs in action movies...).

So when you are setting your goals, hopes and dreams for 2009 remember, if you want to look like Jessica Alba in 2009, then focus your attention to the gorgeous woman on the left, not the barbi-doll on the right.

PS- if this photo turns out to be a fake, the message still stands. Stay realistic in 2009.

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Brad Pilon said...


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MarieBo said...

I appreciate your blog.

Bought your ebook too.

Why don't you control the comments before they appear on your blog ?
Get them sent to your email box first.

And then DELETE those weird ads ;)

Keep going,