Saturday, December 13, 2008

Looking GREAT at 44! (Eat Stop Eat in Austria)

Here's a great interview with Jennifer from Austria, a long time friend of Eat Stop Eat.

Jennifer is living proof that you can look amazing in your 40's with the right attitude, the right workout routine and a little help from Eat Stop Eat.

Jennifer's Interview


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casey said...

I get a "web site not found" when I click on that link. Help, please.

Morkai said...

fixed link, there was a %20 in front of the www that was messing it up.

casey said...

Holy S--t!!!
She looks fantastic.

Keighton said...


I Hope that is me is 25 Years!!!

aemit said...

Yes, she does look good, except for those ribs sticking out. That is scary! I don't want ribs like that, sorry. Otherwise she does look very impressive.

jennifer said...

Thanks for the comments and kind words. I have worked out most of my life. I like to be a lean, mean, fighting

As a 40+ mom, Eat Stop Eat has made the lean part much easier and I am grateful to Brad for writing his book. I can't say enough good things about it.

Recently I embarked on a muscle gaining strategy, and used IF for that too. It works. Fasting is not just for fat loss.

And as far as my ribs...they have always stuck out, nothing I can do about it. And I think some of that is the picture and my tendency to hold my posture from my gymnast days.

Jennifer in Austria

Anonymous said...

How is your book any different form the numerous books on fasting? 2001 onwards people have been saying to lose weight you should fast.


Marco said...

Hello all,
I am new to 24hr fasting. I have some questions
1. do / should I workout (crossfit) during the days I fast or us that as a day off?
2. is there anything I can eat during the fast like liquids ie. soups, milk etc...
3. is a pre and post workout snack during fasting allowed?
4. is sneaking a milk or cream into my coffee really going to hurt the fast?