Saturday, March 08, 2008

How to Prevent Vacation Weight Gain

I'm back, and it's snowing. Again. This winter has definitely made me start to think about relocating to somewhere warm, at least during the winter months.

(Are you kidding me!? I've got to shovel THAT just to get to the gym?)

The good news is I had a great vacation, and was able to spend a ton of time with the family. The other good news is that neither my wife nor I gained any weight, despite eating "vacation style" for 7 days.

We made a point of practicing the rare art of "fasting to avoid spending tons of cash at the airport" and made sure our fasts occurred during our flight to Florida, and during our flight home.

Worked like a charm.

So here's my tip...If you are planning on going on vacation, keep up your Eat Stop Eat regimen, but make sure to spend the 'travel days' fasting, it will cut down on costs, and lots of calories that you don't really need (I doubt any of us burn a lot of calories sitting on a plane).

Not only was it a great vacation, but last week was also full of some great reviews for Eat Stop Eat.

First, Craig Ballantyne shared some very positive reviews of Eat Stop Eat from his TTmembers site (you can read them here ==> Eat Stop Eat Feedback)

Then Eat Stop Eat was reviewed at Your New Body - You can read this review here ==> Eat Stop Eat Review

Finally, I read a great post at the Skwigg blog, where Skwigg stated that Eat Stop Eat has helped her become a "Happy Eater". (You can read Skwigg's post here ==> Happy Eater)

In an industry full of obsessive compulsive eating, nutritional scaremongering, and food confusion, nothing could make me happier than hearing someone describe themselves as a happy eater.

Really, this should be everyones goal.


No more counting calories to lose weight

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