Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tips to prevent holiday weight gain

Here's a great post from Adam Steer's Blog about Fasting and
holiday eating that I thought you might like to read. This past
weekend I took almost the exact same approach as Adam.

Nothing better than flipping the switch to "OFF" for a bit. Kind of
like an eating "re-boot". Especially since for me, holiday eating
can have an effect that last for days!

You can read Adam's post here ==>


PS- Here's a a great email about Eat Stop Eat that I want to share
with you.

--email start---

Hi Brad

Your book was a breath of fresh air. I am 48 years old and have
been weight training for about 4 years now, trying to eat a good
diet (six meals a day) and not daring to miss a meal in case I lose
muscle. I have not been able to lose that last bit of fat.

I have been using the fasting principles twice a week for the last
month with great results - fat loss and no muscle loss. It's such
a great way to eat.


Maxine Morris
United Kingdom

--end email--

Learn more about using intermittent fasting to lose fat.

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