Monday, March 24, 2008

Why I like the Smith Machine

I know for most of us this last weekend was probably one that involved a fair bit of food...especially chocolate.

For this reason I know you probably don't want to read about anything to do with food or especially fasting right about now.

No problems.

I spent the Easter weekend helping my friend John Barban work on a new project. We took a break during a video shoot, and I decided to do my first ever video-blog entry.

Simple story. While we were shooting, I noticed a smith machine. This reminded me of how everyone always "rips" on the smith machine for being a totally useless piece of gym equipment.

I've always found this funny, because next to the squat rack and a bench, this is probably the one piece of equipment I use most often.


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1 comment:

Carrie said...

1-arm stuff? Heck, for most people, doing it two-arm on the SM is hard enough! *grin*

All of my clients use the smith machine, mostly for bodyweight rows or elevated push-ups. It's a great little piece of equipment.

Good vlog post!