Friday, March 28, 2008

Fasting for weight loss

I found this comment on one of my previous posts. It actually took me a couple reads before I realized the irony in what he was saying:

When I studied abroad in France, my host-mother would often fast to lose weight. To me at the time it seemed like a really unhealthy approach, but I'm the one who gained 20 pounds that year!!
I find it interesting that so many people have had to defend their fasting to friends and family members.

In my opinion this is the exact opposite of how it should be. Intuitively, the idea of constantly eating and consuming has always seemed unhealthy to me.

I guess the food industry has successfully figured out exactly how much money they need to spend in advertising to erase the logic of "eat less to lose weight" and replace it with "just keep eating our stuff, losing weight isn't healthy, to be healthy you need to eat even more"

My advice to anyone who has had trouble losing weight with the common approach of multiple small meals a day is to give flexible intermittent fasting and honest try.

If one approach hasn't worked for you then there is absolutely NO REASON for you to keep following it. You may as well try a different approach.

Eventually, you will find something that works and that is easy, comfortable and that you can envision yourself doing for a long period of time.


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gimpyq said...

I heard that Jackie Kennedy Onassis would fast for a day or two whenever her weight was above 120 lbs. Obviously it worked well for her, too.

Do you find that any particular meals are best to break the fast? I read somewhere that a meal rich in protein and lower in carbs is best; what is your opinion? Thanks Brad, gimpy

Fast Weight loss said...

Eating less to lose weight.

Actually if you look at from common guy (or gal's) perspective it's common sense. They gained when they ate a lot, so technically they should lose weight if they stop eating.

What they don't realize is that they don't gain fat cause of eating more, but cause of eating junk food.

Frankly I've stopped telling people about their faulty logic.

For the above comment, Here's what I believe in. Eat carbs only when you deserve to. No exercise, no carbs (other than fruits and veggies, of course).

PS: Another common sense In India, quite a lot of people tends to fast once a week (with one solid meal and fruits in day).

Which sounds common sense as you give your digestive system a break and blah, blah, blah.