Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Creating my own Mobile Gym

It is finally summer in Canada.

This means it is time for me to move my workouts outside. Starting this week, the majority of my workouts will be done outdoors, with wife and baby. This way I get a little more family time, and a big long break from the crowded gym.

I'm still going to hit the gym once, maybe twice a week to do some shoulders training, (I'm trying to get my Adonis Index Score up to 1.5), but other than that, it is outdoor training only.

The accomplish this, I have three pieces of equipment that I know keep in the back of the car at all times.

1. My Blast Straps - I use these to do all kinds of Dips, Push-ups and Rows.
2. My weighted Vest - I have 25 pounds loaded into it right now, I'm hoping to get it up to 50 in the next month.
3. The Instep Jogger. The front wheel wobbles a bit, but other than that, we can get up to some good speeds no problem.

With these three pieces of equipment we can get in a great workout pretty much anywhere.

Yesterday we did:

2 set weighted blast strap dips
Super-setted with
2 set Weighted blast strap rows
followed immediately by 400 meter baby jogger run around the track.

We did this circuit 4 times, followed by one walking lap around the track. The whole workout took about 30 minutes.



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Anonymous said...

I ran across your EAT STOP EAT website. Looks fascinating. Is there a way to learn more about it, before buying the book? Even learning more about how long you have been doing it would be great, and your experiences. I realize you may have posted some of this on your blog, and I"ll try to read it in more detail later on... - silverplatter

Norcal said...

Bought your book about a month ago. Done 5 fasts, i was already 205lbs at 12% bf. Now the calipers say ~10%, I'm going to get dunk tanked soon to confirm. But here is my question: my empirical observations from being around athletes my whole life is that a lot of the nutritional stuff out there is myths and crap. But I need a straight up answer, what is the real deal on muscle loss. I tend to think that when people think they are losing muscle on a diet it is really just water and glycogen etc., the non-contractile part of the muscles. I'm pretty sure that people just dont realize that LBM isnt just the bones, and muscle, but anything other than fat. What are your thoughts on this because I'm hoping to use ESE to get down to 6 or /7& at about 190. Could you email me-James

Norcal said...
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Anonymous said...


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GBG 10 in 1 Multivitamin said...

You have a very well put together blog. Some very useful information here. I like how you emphasize natural methods and self control for diet/exercise.

Brad Pilon said...

Hi James,

Honest answer for muscle loss. Disuse (not using the muscle) is how you cause muscle loss.

As long as you are working out and hitting some minimums with your nutrition, your muscle is their to stay.


Debbie said...

I am getting ready to order EatStopEat but have one question. I have osteopenia and take calcium 3xday and a multivitamin. I need to take these with food for better absorption and also if I don't take with food I feel a little nauseated. With your experience, would I be better to forgo the vitamins and calcium on my fast day or just try to get thru the sick feeling. I want to benefit from the fast day but not at the expense of bone building (which by the way at age 51 I have actually increased my bone density over the past 2 years) from exercise. Your opinion on this dilemma would be appreciated very much.