Saturday, May 03, 2008

Eat Stop Eat Before and Afters

Craig Ballantyne's Next Transformation Contest is starting soon, so for some extra motivation I thought I'd share some great new before and After pictures from people who have great results following Eat Stop Eat, a sensible diet and an effective workout program.

Dr. Geoff Dover from the University of Florida has lost over 40 pounds by following Eat Stop Eat!
Megan Gabel from Keystone Heights has done an extraordinary job transforming her body by using Eat Stop Eat and dedicating herself to a workout program.

PhD candidate Chad Fenwick from the University of Waterloo has undergone such an amazing transformation I had a very hard time actually believing these two pictures were of the same person! He lost over 60 pounds in 4 months!

These are just three examples of real people with real jobs and real responsibilities accomplishing amazing things with the help of Eat Stop Eat.


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billy said...

60 pounds in 4 months? Sounds like he was doing "Stop Eat Stop"!

Brad Pilon said...

No Kidding!

I've actually had the opportunity to talk with Chad about his transformation.

Its unbelievable how much you can change your body if you decide to change your life.

Chad was a complete transformation. New dedication to eating and training.

Honestly, I am so glad that every once in a while I get the privilege of meeting people like yourself and Chad as it reminds me of how much is actually possible if and when you put your mind to it.


PS- I'm very interested in your new strawberry/blueberry growing adventure...keep us updated.

billy said...

I actually just saw some little tiny strawberries yesterday! The blueberries aren't doing anything yet. The spinach also is looking good. I'll keep you posted!