Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brad's Predictions - An Update

It was back in January when I made my predictions for 2008. It's been five months now, so I think it's time we took a look and evaluate my Nostradamus-like abilities.

1. Eat Stop Eat will become very popular - Well, we're not there yet, but it does seem like every day more and more people are talking about the benefits of flexible intermittent fasting. Just yesterday I read a multi-page article in Men's Health on the health benefits of fasting, so it looks like people are starting to take notice of how short periods of fasting can help you lose weight and improve your health. Good news for all of us.

2. More people become pro-supplement. I don't have any direct proof, but I think I may have missed the boat with this prediction. It may just be me, but I get the impression that many of us are now completely immune to supplement advertising, and have become tired of the "Rage against the supplement industry" stance taken by many on-line health and fitness personalities. To be perfectly honest, I find the whole topic of supplements boring these days.

3. More and more people will become aware of Obsessive Compulsive Eating. I think this one is definitely happening. I have noticed many similarities between my own personal beliefs about the way we eat, and the beliefs put forth in Michael Pollen's book "In defense of food" so the message is hitting the mainstream, albeit slowly. Hopefully this means more and more people are eating food because of the love of food, and not for fear of eating 'wrong'.

4. More people will photo-blog their food. Definitely happening. And, does nothing for me except point out that I need to improve my culinary skills.

I'm 2.5 out of 4 so far ;)


PS- You can see my original predictions here ==> Brad's predictions for 2008

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Sara said...

You don't love foodcam? My hit counter goes crazy every time I post pics of food. The most hits I ever got was when I baked a chocolate cake and put a picture of it in my blog. According to Google analytics, people returned again and again to that very post. Green omlette pics do not have the same appeal, but still there is a traffic increase to any food pic, even roasted chickpeas.
Try it. Post the most delicious picture you can find and see what happens.

Sara said...

PS. I work in the supplement industry and the only ones I take are vit c, niacin (for my cholesterol) and omega 3 fish oil. Occasionally, creatine or glutamine if I'm feeling like I need them. That's it.

Andrew said...

While we don't routinely photo-blog our food on Our Longevity Diet blog, we did document our meals for all of April, and photographed several of them -- just to show it's possible to eat normal, healthy food and still lose weight through intermittent fasting.

Brad Pilon said...

Hi Sara,

The funny thing is, I know exactly which picture you are talking about!

I have no problems with the foodcam, except I don't think anybody wants to see a picture of my lunch (Grande Americano with an espresso Brownie).

I might start putting up pictures to show some of my cooking and baking experiments gone wrong..


Brad Pilon said...

Well you know my history in the industry.

I'm not anti-supplement, I just don't think they have done anything marketing or advertising wise that is worth talking about...it seems that its been the same old same old for the last five years.

Eventually someone is going to do something radically different, but until then...

Brad Pilon said...

Hi Andrew,

Now that's a good use of food photos!

I actually thought of doing this once, but I figured the backlash from the food purists wouldn't be worth the trouble.

How did it workout for you?


david said...

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