Monday, July 14, 2008

Are you Embarrassed by What you Eat?

Here's an interesting email I received this morning:

Hi Brad,

I have a story I need to share with you-

I was at the grocery store this morning when I noticed the lady in front of me was buying a bag of Oreo cookies and a carton of half and half cream. I thought nothing of it, but she must have noticed me looking at her items because she looked up at me with a weird guilty look on her face and quickly remarked that she was having friends over that evening.

I couldn't get over the fact that this woman had such an overwhelming sense of guilt and shame around eating something that is perceived as 'not good for her' that she felt then need to justify it to a complete stranger. What kind of world are we living in where we are embarrassed about the food we eat?

If you want a perfect example of the horrible effects of obsessive compulsive eating, then look no further than this email. We should not feel guilty about our food choices. We should be able to enjoy the foods you eat without the fear of being judged. However, this is easier said then done. It is very difficult to prevent the ridiculous social pressure of 'eating healthy' from ruining the experience of eating.

If you are trying to lose weight, a lifetime of skinless chicken breasts and steamed broccoli is not the answer. Simply find a way to eat less, but still eat the foods you love.


PS - Eat Stop Eat is only 80 pages long, but it could easily be over 200 pages. All I would need to do is add in 10 pages that list 'Good Food choices' and 'Bad Food choices', 50 pages on the supplements you should take and 100 pages of recipes showing you how to change normal foods into healthy foods.

Luckily I don't need to do this because weight loss (just like the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle) can be incredibly effective while still being incredibly simple. And, effective nutrition advice does NOT have to include promoting obsessive compulsive eating.

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Nutri said...

I agree with you. We should eat what we like, but eat in moderation.