Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big Eat Stop Eat Announcement

It's my birthday today! It’s true, today I turned the big 3 - 1

A lot has changed for me in the last ten years, and I'm not just talking about growing up and starting a family (after all, most people would argue that I've only actually done ONE of these things).

Some of the biggest changes have been in my approach to nutrition, exercise and my definition of health.

I took some time to compare my approach at 21 to my approach now, and I was shocked at the difference. Surprisingly, one of the biggest differences is that I actually feel better now than I did when I was 21!

I’m just as strong as I was over a decade ago, and I may even be a little leaner. And, I definitely have A LOT more energy.

When I was 21, I worked very hard to keep my body fat down around 14-15% while weighing around 185 pounds.

(at 21 working out was my was almost all I ever thought about - I spent months dieting for this photo...and yes, I'm posing like a bodybuilder wannabe)

Nowadays I’m a little lighter (around 176 pounds), and I’m also a little leaner - usually around 10-11% body fat.

(Brier and I, one week before my 31st b-day...I still love working out, but as you can see, my priorities in life have definitely changed.)

In the last ten years lots of other things in my life have changed for the better.

  • I started working in the supplement industry (good),
  • then I left the industry to pursue graduate research (even better).
  • I also got married to my high school sweetheart.
  • and then was blessed with the birth of my little girl (The best).

Another big difference is that these days I am no longer a slave to food and nutrition.

I know you might think of me as the anti-obsessive compulsive eating guy, but back when I was in my early twenties I used to work very hard at making sure I ate the food I needed to keep my body in top condition (or at least the foods I THOUGHT I needed).

I followed all the standard rules.

  • I kept an excel spreadsheet that logged every single piece of food that passed by my lips.
  • I ate 275 grams of protein per day,
  • I only ate small meals
  • no saturated fat,
  • lots of green tea,
  • no fruit, pasta, bread or dairy,
  • Lots of sweet potatoes and wild rice (back when I was 21, carbs were not the enemy!)
  • with lean meats and fresh veggies at every meal.

When I think back to my early twenties, it's obvious that trying to get lean and stay lean was a full time job, and I took my job very seriously. Now don't get me wrong, I liked the way I looked, and all my hard work definitely gave me some great results. But also used to think that this was the ONLY way to get results.

I used to say things like ‘nutrition is my life’ and ‘food is a fuel, nothing more’ (No joking, I actually used to say that food is only a fuel!)

Now I realize that this way of living was completely unnecessary, and actually hurting me.

Now I know there is a better way.

If I compare my approach to health at 21 to my approach now, it amazing how different they have become.

I’ll be honest with you, I still work out almost every single day. But ever since I realized that I didn’t have to worry about eating ‘healthy’ foods anymore it feels like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Living the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle has taught me that there are no weight-loss foods or fattening foods. Best of all, there are NO foods to avoid.

It is an amazing feeling, and a feeling I want to share with you.

And since today is my birthday and I’ll be getting presents all day long (fingers crossed for new stainless steal pots and pans), I figure it is only fair that I gave YOU a present.

It’s only been a little over a year since Eat Stop Eat was published. Yet in this one year I’ve gained even more knowledge that has further solidified my belief that the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle is the very best (and easiest) way to get the body you want while living a great, stress-free lifestyle.

A lot of this information has come from answering questions from people who have read Eat Stop Eat but have wanted to know more.

Usually these are very interesting and thought-provoking questions that forced me to continually go back over the research and really dig out the details.

Answering these questions has broadened my understanding of Eat Stop Eat and how to effectively use it for weight loss and stress free eating. This truly is an ongoing learning process for me and I want you to know everything that I know. I want you to understand it the way I understand it so you can enjoy a life eating all the foods you love and also loving the way your body looks.

That’s why today I’m launching the Eat Stop Eat Advanced Audio files.

The Eat Stop Eat Advanced Audio Files are a collection of 6 sections detailing the science behind the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle and all the benefits you can expect to enjoy once you start.

These 6 files make up over two hours of in-depth discussion where I do my absolute best to dig even deeper into the science behind Eat Stop Eat. As always, I do my best to put the hard science into terms that are easy to understand.

It’s the perfect way to fast-forward your understanding of the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to make sure you will never fall for another diet or fitness fad that ends up costing you money, time, and effort leaving feeling distraught and guilty when it doesn’t produce the results you want.

So here’s the deal, Not only do you get over 2 hours of Audio but you also get the full transcripts from each advanced session AND you get the original Eat Stop Eat e-book.

I've designed the Eat Stop Eat Advanced package for the type of person who simply wants to know more. Who wants to really understand the science behind fasting, resistance training and working out. And since you are this type of person (after all, you're reading my blog), I designed this package for you.

To check out the new advanced package visit


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Redlefty said...

Happy Birthday!

It's bizarre -- my wife turns 31 today too! And we had ice cream cake from Marble Slab. It's also good old-fashioned, simple-ingredient stuff.

EM :) said...


Sara said...

Happy Birthday Brad, growing up is over-rated, it's ok to hang onto your immaturity. ;)

I love the new look of your blog and it's so nice to have a pretty face on the sidebar. Your girl is too cute!

Mike Groom said...

Happy birthday Brad!

Listened to your new advanced audio stuff today and all I can say is that it is fantastic stuff. Well done and thanks!

Caroline Radway said...

Happy Birthday! The audios are fab - listened to them yesterday and really sheds loads of light on it all - looking forward to my next fast already...

Brad Pilon said...

Hey Redlefty!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I've actually had Marble Slab, great stuff.


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Em,

Great Pic!

Thanks for the bday wishes,


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Sara,

I totally agree ;)

Thanks for the compliments. Brier just started walking this week, fun times!


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked that Audio Files!!


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Caroline,

Thanks for the bday wishes and I am glad to hear you liked the audio files!


golooraam said...

you are only 31!


Happy Birthday...

Thank you for your wonderful book, it allows me to loosen up about macronutrients (like not freaking about having sushi with rice) and knowing the next day I can fast...

Steve said...


I can't seem to get your downloads to work and I ordered the whole package yesterday. You have a money back guranteed which I regretably ask for unless there is something temporaily wrong with your download site. And why is there not a email address on the download site to contact for download problems. This seems to be the only way to contact you. Perhaps I'm missing something. Let me know if you ever sell hard copies of any of your work.


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Steve,

I'm sorry your having download problems.

The audio are very big files, this might have something to do with it.

My email and contact info are on the bottom of the download page, but please feel free to email me at brad at eatstopeat dot com and I will get the files to you as quickly as possible.


Coop said...

Hey Brad,
I find too as I get older(42),that my priorities have changed.

I've been training from home for the past 8 years to save time and to "have a life" too.

Your book has helped a lot to simplify my eating.


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Coop,

I totally agree with you..'having a life' is ironically my first priority in life right now...

(say that five times fast)