Wednesday, July 09, 2008

So you think you know bread?

My Cottage Butcher has put in an oven and has started making fresh bread daily.

My favorite so far is the Sour Dough. Which is a very timely admission since new research from the University of Guelph tells us that Sour Dough may be the best choice of bread when it comes to your health.

(Some fresh butter and some locally produced honey and this becomes a perfect snack)

In yet another example of how we can pretty much get research to tell us whatever we want it to, research from Guelph has found that Sour Dough is better than white bread which is better than whole wheat and whole wheat with added barley.

Yep that's right - whole wheat performed the worst...go figure.

So here is my take - Food is food, let's stop obsessing over it. In an insane attempt to label some foods healthy and some food not-healthy we continually come to quick scientific conclusions that get blown out of proportion by the media, become "common knowledge" and then eventually gets disproved.

The result of this is consistently frustration and confusion over what and how we should eat, and an ever increasing trend towards obsessive compulsive eating.

Eat the foods you enjoy, just don't eat too much, and try to eat with as much variety as possible..and try the sour dough, its delicious.


For more information (but not the actual study) follow this link ==>

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Anonymous said...

The various categories of bread likely have different GIs. It had been supposed that there was some advantage to having the glucose coming into your blood stream over a longer period of time. This is, to my mind one of those theoretical things that has almost no real life application. Us diabetics know that any/all bread will raise our BGs sooner or later. On the rare occasion I have bread it is done strictly on the basis of taste and texture. Rob

Lana Hawkins said...

My favorite type of bread is from Whole Foods. It's called Seeduction. It is the best! Has tons of seeds and grains in whole form and has to have a great GI.

John Sokolowski said...

great point at the bottom of the post..let's stop obsessing about food and just be aware of how much we are taking in. It's not rocket science.

Yu Ming Lui said...

Really, whole wheat bread is worse than white bread? I'm totally scratching my head over this. Though I can see how Sour Dough is an excellent bread choice.