Friday, September 12, 2008

Doggy Fitness

Quick story for you.

When I was in second year at University I was stuck in a rather boring class that had nothing to do with nutrition, biochem, or physiology...don't ask me why I had to take such a course, since I was majoring in Nutrition, these are the unexplainable laws of University curriculum..

Anyways , this particular class was super boring..So I was scanning the class and I happened to notice a girl with an impressive amount of ink on her arms.

Since one of her more prominent tattoo's was a portrait of a rottweiler and since I've lived with BIG dogs my whole life, I figured this was a good enough reason as any to strike up a conversation.

(Yes, I'm the guy who talked during class...but remember this was not a science class, and... well it was just plain boring)

Long story short, even though she was a Dallas Stars fan (and I'm a DIE HARD oilers fan), we ended up being good friends throughout University.

We both lived in the gym, both as gym rats and as employees.

Fast forward a couple years and she became a champion powerlifter, then a police officer and finally..a really good blogger.

If your a fan of Rottweilers, doggy and/or people fitness then pop over to Sara's Blog


(I'm not sure what's going on in this pic, but it made me smile)

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AT22 said...

Cute website. I have no dogs now because my husband is allergic, but I grew up with them and love them!

Eat Stop Eat question - maybe you could address in a posting - I followed the system for a couple (really, 2 weeks) pretty easily, but then I was struggling with hunger issues. I'd wake up starving every day and would be feeling horrible by about hour 15 or so if I forced myself to fast that day. I couldn't find a day when I wasn't hungry! Any tips or speculations as to why this might happen after a few successful weeks?

Brad Pilon said...


Experiment with different times for your fasts..if the 14 hour point is what kills you, try to be asleep for it.

Try a 1 PM to 1 PM and see how it goes.


AT22 said...

Thanks so much. I will try that and see if it helps.