Thursday, September 11, 2008

Exercise for Anti-Aging

This morning I set up shop as usual at my local coffee shop to get some work done before going to Krav Maga class.

And, (as usual) the coffee shop was packed full of people from our local runner's club.

In typical fashion they came in in waves of 3 or 4 at a time.

In as little as twenty minutes I was engulfed by at least two dozen runners, who had decided that the guy with his face buried in his lap top in the corner of the coffee shop wouldn't mind if they pulled all the chairs from his table and turned them around so they could join the running conversation.

Being the positive person that I am, I took this as an opportunity to do what any good scientist would do...I observed.

Actually, I guess the term is eaves dropping ;)

From listening in on the conversations of these runners it's obvious that exercise plays a role in staying young and active into your sixth, seventh and even eight decade of life.

But, the secret isn't just exercise.

The secret is being ABLE to exercise.

As in, the number one way to stay fit and active at any age is to not get injured to the point where you can't exercise.

The number of complaints I heard from this group was remarkable.

From bad shoulders to knees and ankles..bad backs and pinched nerves this group seemed to be one big collective injury.

And I'm not just picking on runners..body builders and athletes aren't any better.

The purpose of exercise is to build the body up in some form or another NOT to tear it down.

Whether it's more muscle or more endurance or more are trying to improve.

Tearing your body down with repetitive use of the same motions, or using too much weight, or just doing dumb thing in the gym will limit how long and how effectively you can workout.

Take care with your workouts, and make sure you are not pushing yourself into chronic injury.

Change your routine often, avoid overusing one exercise (bench press anyone?) and if a joint is sore, rest it.

Combine this with a dedication to improvement in the gym or on the field or track, and you have a great plan for using exercise as a way to stay young.


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sallyb said...

So many people want to build muscle, but being physically fit should be the main goal. 'Looking' good doesn't always mean healthy.