Thursday, September 18, 2008

I like the Green Pans!

If you remember back to July, I mentioned that I wanted new cookware for my birthday.

Well, I finally got around to doing some shopping.

My plan was to get some high-end stainless steal fry pans, but I found that all the stainless steal cookware were endorsed by chef what's his name, and were WAY more expensive than I expected.

Since I like paying for quality and not celebrity endorsements, I decided to forget the stainless steal, and continued to do some browsing.

Boy I'm glad I did...I found something very interesting.

Green Pans.

The reason I was shopping for stainless steel was that I wanted to get rid of my old Teflon pans. Over the last couple years I have become very weary of PTFE (the chemical used to help spread the Teflon chemical all over traditional non-stick pans).

It's considered potentially harmful, and Ive read that by the year 2015, companies who make non-stick cookware are required to find a non PTFE chemical- free alternative.

In my opinion, since I'm now cooking foods for Brier (she's 15 months now) why use Teflon at all?

And this is where Green Pans come in.

In contrast to the classical PTFE-based non-stick technology (using PFOA as a processing agent), Green Pans (which by the way, are blue..go figure) use something called Thermolon™.

They say on their website that coating cookware with Thermolon releases 50% fewer greenhouse gases during production and contains NO toxic substances that could be released at high temperatures.

Also on their website I foudnt he following information:
  • Temperature resistance up to 450°C (850°F)
  • No toxic fumes are released if overheated
  • High Quality Non-stick
  • Durable and highly scratch resistant
  • 0% PTFE & 0% PFOA
  • Environmentally friendly production, significant reduction in CO2 emissions in production.
When I got my Green Pans home I immedietly put them to work...

Test 1: Scrambled eggs ...the pans handled them easily.

Test 2 - Omelet..again not a problem.

Test 3 - Clean good wipe and they were ready to be used again.

Bottom line...I like these pans. They work well, and if their claims are true, they are better for my family and better for the enivronment.

Just a little tip from me to you ;)

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AT22 said...

I have a set of these and I *love* them. Like Teflon, the non-stick degrades a little over time, but not much. And the coating doesn't really "come off" like Teflon tends to do. They are great pans - and at a really good price, I might add.

Adam said...


Thanks man! I've been looking for a good alternative to Teflon for a while now. I'm going to check these out today.


Wazzup said...

Excellent timing. I nearly bought a new teflon pan this week, but something stopped me... I guess this is what I was waiting for (and hoorah, they're even sold over here (The Netherlands)).

Art said...


Could you post an update, say, a month from now on the performance of those pans? It's a great idea and if they can keep the non-stick properties, I'm a buyer!

billy said...

I've used Calaphon Hard Anodized pans for a while and like them, although I may need a new set soon. I'll look into these, thanks!

Brad Pilon said...

Hi art,

I'll be sure to give an update in a month or so. I have a couple dinner parties coming up so I plan on putting them through the test!


Wazzup said...

I've bought one already. It's the bomb for baking eggs and pancakes and other delicate stuff. Excellent !