Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What Thin People Eat

Ever wonder what thin people eat?

Recent research suggests the obvious - they eat less calories than over weight people.

Sounds simple enough, however research also suggests it has a lot to do with the food CHOICES they make, as opposed to just simply eating less food.

People who gain weight over time tend to not only eat MORE food, but they also eat more CALORIE DENSE foods.

People who stay thin over long periods of time tend to avoid calorie dense foods.

Choosing foods that are less calorie dense allows you to still enjoy eating, while also eating responsibly.

Here are some simple suggestions to help you choose less calorie dense foods:

1. Fruits and Vegetables - It never ceases to amaze me at just how great fresh fruit tastes, and just how little calories they contain. A FULL CUP of blueberries contains less that 100 Calories!

2. Rediscover Soup - Soups are a great way to enjoy a whole bunch of flavor without a lot of calories. Even some of the hardier soups still contain less that 250 Calories per cup. Making soup yourself is fairly easy ( you can look up the recipes on line) and helps you control the sodium and preservative levels.

3. Embrace Flavor - Are you hungry or do you just need some flavor? More often than not we eat out of boredom, or simply because we want some 'taste' - Try flavored teas as a way to get you by until it is truly time to eat. Replacing a snack with some sticky toffee tea once or twice a day could add up to a significant reduction in calories over time.

It is possible to eat less while still eating well.



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Anonymous said...

I don't know if I agree that all thin people are thin because they consume less calories. What study are you referring to?
(had to post as anonymous because my Google/Blogger didn't work)

Vy said...

Hi Brad,

This is kind of off topic but as far as what thin people eat, as a fasting "thin or fit" person, what do you recommend for how to break the fast? Is there any logic behind the best meal following your fast (more vegetables, high protein and MUFA or heavy fruit, no protein, starcy carb meal etc.) and is it better to always do a small meal to break the fast and eat a slightly larger meal later?

Just wondering about how to best "break the fast".


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Sue,

There is no other explanation for why one person would be smaller than another person at a given height.

Assuming both people are healthy and not a disease state, then long term calorie input is the best correlation to body weight.

Granted, exercise and a larger lean mass could play a role, but that is why I specifically said 'thin' and not 'lean'.

While there are slight variations in metabolism from person to person, the metabolism of thin people has been found to be no different then that of obese people.

In fact in terms of total daily energy expenditure, obese people tend to burn more calories through the day.


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Vy,

I find that a small meal works best, but only becuase after a fast I don't have the appetite for a larger meal.

After a good fast I get the "Eyes are bigger than the stomach" syndrome and typically waste food..thinking I'm hungry..but then not finishing my meal.


sallyb said...

Great food ideas, but in my younger years I could eat all day and stay around 110 pounds. True enough, healthier choices are better in the long run than 'junk' food. Oh to be young!

Sam Chagani said...

It's interesting you should mention soup. I actually run away from most soups because there's so much sodium.

I do eat a lot of bread (non bleached flour) and fruit.