Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How to lose weight properly

I've had my eyes re-opened the last couple days.

Somehow, I've had my own little personal epiphany regarding weight loss. Or, more correctly, I've had my own little epiphany regarding selling weight loss.

This is my ah-ha moment.

When I left the supplement industry it was because I wanted a change. I wanted out. After answering this mornings emails about Eat Stop Eat I suddenly realized, I'm right back into it.

Most of the emails I received this morning were actually not about Eat Stop Eat. They were about other people's diet programs. It seems that there are a lot of people who have been scared and pressured into eating in a certain way, or following a certain program.

This is something that really bothers me, and I think it signifies a lack of credibility and respectability (and is part of the cause of OCE) - If your nutrition/weight loss program is as good as you say it is you should not have to scare people into making a purchase.

Tell me how many times have you seen these scare tactics:

Eat multiple times per day or something very bad will happen to you (Metabolism goes down, insulin sensitivity goes wonky..)

Don't eat too few calories or something very bad will happen to you ((Metabolism goes down, insulin sensitivity goes wonky..)

Eat lots of protein or something very bad will happen to you (get fat, lose muscle, lose muscle and get fat)

Don't eat carbs or something very bad will happen to you (get fat, become diabetic..)

Eat carbs or something very bad will happen to you (performance will suffer, you'll become mentally slow, you will stop losing fat)

The list goes on an on...

The interesting thing is, there is nothing 'wrong' with some of these ideas and I have no problems with other authors promoting their products. As I've said before Eat Stop Eat is not the only way to lose weight. Any diet that reduces calorie intake will help you lose weight. The easier and more logical the program, the better your results will be. The problem I do have is with these ideas is the way they are pushed on you.

Instead of promoting the benefits of their diet program, many people are trying to scare you by telling you the horrible consequences of NOT following their diet.

This is scaremongering. When you see this be very weary.

There are a lot of good program out there. Look for the ones have logical explanations of their benefits and be very weary of the ones who use poorly explained "scare" tactics as their only explanations behind the value of their products.

The proper way to lose weight is by following a nutrition and exercise program that you are confident in because it was well explained and makes logical sense. The wrong way to lose weight is by follow a nutrition and exercise program because the author has convinced you that it is the ONLY way to lose weight, and if you don't follow it then bad things will happen to you.


PS- In once sentence, the benefits of Eat Stop Eat is that is is incredibly easy to follow, very flexible and perfectly effective.

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Redlefty said...

Good stuff. Friends of mine, who are very experienced in the fitness field, found out I've been "skipping" meals now and then to lean down some. "That's not good!" they both exclaimed. They were so worried about metabolic damage if I wasn't eating six meals per day.

I didn't lift my shirt to show them the abs that have become visible for the first time in 10 years. Except I'm 30 pounds heavier (muscle) than I was last time the abs made an appearance. And my lifts keep improving.