Monday, August 25, 2008

Abs, 6-Packs, and David Beckam's Flat Stomach.

Abs, Abs and more Abs.

People love abs, and people seem to really like Hollywood abs.

In fact, apparently even I like Hollywood abs as somehow I ended up clicking on a link titled "Beckam's Abs voted best in Hollywood" .

After watching the video, I must say that I am surprised that David Beckham abs were voted Hollywood's best abs.

Sure, he has a flat stomach, but it looks like the kind of stomach I would expect a runner to have, and while it is definitely a stomach to be proud of, I'm not sure that his abs are best that they could be.

In fact, I am 100% positive that if David followed a weight training program like turbulence training, he could chisel those babies out even more.

After all, that's what 51 year old Kerry did for his Transformation, and his abs are ridiculous!

And then there is Turbulence Training creator Craig Ballanynte..lots of weight training, lots of abs.

The bottom line is that if you want abs Like Beckam's, or a 6-pack like Kerry's or Craig's then you need to remember one simple rule - Abs are built in the gym and defined by the way you eat.

Please, please AVOID this one mistake - if you want abs...don't kill yourself running.

Running is great fun, but it's not the quickest way to a defined least not on it's own.

Being skinny will give you a flat stomach, but not necessarily abs, and having strong abs doesn't mean they will be visible (especially if they are covered in a layer of fat)

From my experience the easiest way to get lean visible abs is by following the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle of flexible intermittent fasting and weight training.


PS- Is it just me, or is it becoming increasingly hard to find a Hollywood celebrity who is not covered in tattoos?

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Anonymous said...

You don't rate these abs?

I'd happily kill for abs like that.

The thing that cracks me up is how everyone in the USA hates him so much.

He looks gay, he's too skinny, soccer is for girls, he's got too many tattoos, he's overpaid, funny voice, anorexic wife, blah, blah, blah.

jennifer said...

Hi Brad,
You know I do TT and you know I do Eat Stop Eat. I used to be just fine with a flat tummy, but recently I became the proud owner of a six pack with about 1/2 the effort of the flat look.

I also have respond to your previous post about aging or anti-aging. I know first hand that exercise and diet IS the key to anti-aging. I just look to my 71 year old father. He has been a great role model for me and thousands of others.
He is:

And those are my abs on the abs link.

Thanks for helping me get there.

Jennifer in Austria

Brad Pilon said...

Hi Annon,

I didn't do a comprehensive search for Beckam on-line, I just went with the images from the article.

And I definitely do not hate David Beckam - I've never met him and I don't watch soccer/football.

So until I meet the guy I won't pass judgment on him.

The article was simply about getting abs and how abs are very popular right now.


Brad Pilon said...


It's great to hear from you!

Your 6-pack just keeps getting better and better -

Those are amazing!

And if your grandfather is the man in the other pics on that site then he absolutely does not look over 70!


billy said...

You mentioned the running thing. I recall being amazed at the difference between the physiques of 2 olympic runners. Compare gold metal sprinterUsain Bolt's Physique with that of gold medal marathoner Sammy Wanjiru.

If THAT doesn't underscore the different effects of interval training like sprinting vs. long, endurance cardio like marathoning, I don't know what will!

Anonymous said...

Now you'll have us compare 2 runners in a totally different part of their stride (contracted versus relaxed). Sure Usain is more muscular, but maybe he's a sprinter because he's more muscular, not the other way around. (I bet there's a reason west Africans were shipped as slaves wheres east Africans were not apart from a shorter boat ride to the colonies)

Anonymous said...

On the abs question Brad, have you thought of going shirtless on your Eat Stop Eat website like Tom Venuto does on his page?

Maybe with a tag line such as "See. I told you so. I haven't gone into Starvation Mode."

Brad Pilon said...

Hi Anon,

I thought about doing this a while ago, but it doesn't really fit with the Eat Stop Eat story.

After all, Eat Stop Eat doesn't detail my personal experiences with weight loss - it is a literature review of the existing science.

I think there are a couple of pics of me somewhere on my blog, but none of them go along with a "I told you so message"

It's a good idea, but just not really my thing.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brad, just found out about your book and completed my first dinner to dinner fast today. I felt great (had a headache though) and now can't sleep so I guess I have tons of energy. My question about abs or even simply a flat stomach is--if I start out with a muffin top and that's mostly where I carry my fat, will Eat Stop Eat help me? Yes, I work out. I do interval training videos (Jillian Michaels, Workout/Bravo, Biggest Loser).