Monday, August 25, 2008

Baby Boomers Waste Their money!

Here's an interesting piece of information I want to share with you:

According to Packaged Facts, The baby boomers and their strong interest in 'the preventive health benefits' of supplements (whatever that means) is what will protect the supplement industry during a negative economic climate.

In other words, the fact that baby boomers WASTE THEIR MONEY on false hopes in a bottle will keep the supplement industry alive even during a recession.

It's a big mistake to turn to supplements for anti-aging.

Anti-aging is becoming a BIG player in the health and supplement industry.

Aging can be scary, but the fountain of youth CANNOT be found in a pill (at least not yet).

Many people beleive that long term caloric restriction is the key to longevity, but others would argue that the toll that caloric restriction takes on appearances outweigh the potential benefits of longevity

(after all we don't just want to live forever, we want to LOOK GOOD while we do it!)

It is a well known fact that starved people look much older than their years. I'm not talking about people who are dieting, rather people who have suffered through true starvation.

The one exception to this would be the fitness industry, where self imposed diets are almost as bad as starvation...anyone who has seen a professional body builder or fitness model up close the day of a competition knows what I mean..they look OLD and DRAWN. This look goes away once these people start eating 'normally' again.

Research suggests rather strongly that chronic caloric restriction prolongs the natural life span, but we also know that chronic caloric restriction makes people look feel and even act prematurely old. This happens despite any changes in basal metabolism or in sexual function.

This creates a true paradox. Like I said earlier, we want to live longer, but LOOK GOOD while doing it.

luckily, the answer is a simple one (and it doesn't involve spending hundreds of dollars on supplements) - mix short periods of undereating (fasting) with periods of normal eating to get the benefits of caloric restriction without the possibly negative physical appearance effects that might come from long periods of caloric restriction.

By combining the practice of flexible intermittent fasting once or twice a week (creating a chronic 10-20% reduction in average calorie intake) with weight training (to prevent muscle loss and age related metabolism declines) and adequate rest and recovery
and you have a great recipe for longevity and looking great at any age.

You also have the precise formula for living the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle. ;)

Fasting, weight training, and a good nights sleep will keep your body looking good and working great long into your boomer years!


(Brad Pilon, 2058)

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Anonymous said...

The guy on the photo looks fantastic for his age!

I've seen the photo before, but does anyone know more about him - who is he? And how old was he when the photo was taken?


Brad Pilon said...

Hi Phil,

I first saw that pic in a Nutrition Text Book from 1st year University.

But I've also seen it all over the web...I have no clue who it is.

Sorry I couldn't be more help,


Alex said...

Interesting fasting concept.