Thursday, August 21, 2008

Things to do in Nova Scotia

I’ve just returned from a relaxing extended weekend in Nova Scotia, Canada.

One of the highlights of the trip was a 4 day jaunt through Cape Breton following the Cabbot trail, where not only was I exposed to some purely breath taking views, but was also forced to go 4 days without internet or cell phone access…YIKES!

(The view from the Cabbot trail)

(Baby and Mother Moose)

After the Cabbot Trail I spend a night at Canada’s only single malt whiskey distillery, and even managed to take my daughter on her first distillery tour! I also tried some very tasty bacon wrapped bison. If you haven’t had a chance to try bison yet, I highly recommend it.

(Daddy and Brier at the Glenora Distillery)

(Touring the Distillery)

(The Amazing view from the Chalets at the Glenora Distillery)

After this I returned to Halifax.

Now, I have traveled fairly extensively in my life and let me tell you, I think Halifax has the highest population of absolutely JACKED people I have ever seen.

It might be the military influence in the area, or the unbelievable activity level of this city, but whatever the case…being in Halifax made me want to hit the weights HARD.

Luckily my friends at Nubody Fitness were able to hook me up with a pass for a couple of days and I was able to get in some workouts with my brother.

I also managed to attend the annual Busker Festival ( where I saw some truly amazing feats of strength as street performers effortlessly performed handstand push ups, back flips and various other acrobatic moves to the amusement of onlookers.

(Definitely NOT Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler and Lee Priest)

It was these amazing acrobatic feats that reminded me that strength is a skill – it’s not all about big muscles. Believe it or not, there is something to be said about the mind-muscle connection – especially after witnessing a lean and shredded street performer perform strength moves that I am positive no professional body builder could EVER do.

Since my latest workout goal is to be able to do a standing barbell shoulder press with 225 pounds, these performers reminded me that not only do I have to have stronger shoulders and triceps to perform this task, I also need to Practice the skill of the standing shoulder pres.

Lastly, I was able to visit Cow’s Ice cream for some renowned east-coast ice cream. It was everything it is famous for…friendly people and great silky-smooth ice cream.

It was a great trip full of fantastic food and quality time with my family. The best part was, thanks to the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle I was able to experience Nova Scotian cuisine without having to worry about packing on the pounds. I simply fasted on both days that I was flying, and I fasted once during the ten day trip during a day I spent hiking with my family.

(Brier and her new friend Ozzie out for a hike)


PS - The trip also allowed me to spend some time reading, and I've come across some very interesting data that I'll be sharing with you a little later..but as a sneak peak it involves some amazing weight loss research from the late 1800's and early 1900's..should be good.

Now I'm back into the swing of things, relaxed and energized.

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aaref said...

Hi Brad,
I was intending on sending you an email, but I don't know your email address.
I am a 20 year old male about 5'7.5", 188 lbs, and somewhere near 15% bodyfat. I have a problem when it comes to dieting. I am just never able to stay on a diet for long. My record so far has been 14 days.
I follow a 5X5 strength program and do interval training regularly. I also play soccer and crew at competitve levels.
My question is, did you develop/improve your physique using Eat Stop Eat or did you start with such a great physique and ESE just helped you maintain it?
What I mean to ask is, will following ESE help me get to about 9-10% bodyfat or do I have to go on something more strict.
It seems that all the success stories for ESE have people starting at beginner levels. However, I just need to lose the last bit of fat from my love handles and chest.
I'm really sick and tired of OCE, and I plan to break this bad habit.
Sorry for the long comment,
Thanks in advance,

Brad Pilon said...

Hi A,

I would not say I developed my physique using Eat Stop Eat, but I have improved it.

If I think back, I probably started becoming 'strong' sometime in university, maybe when I was 20 or 21.

I don't think I really started looking muscular until maybe 23-24.

Where ESE has helped me is it has definitely made me a little leaner, while allowing me to 'not be on a diet'.

I hope this answer helps,