Monday, August 04, 2008

What's Missing from Fast Food

I'm going to start this week off by giving out a million dollar idea..and I'm going to do it for free.

So here it goes..if you are in new product development at a fast food attention.

One of the major things that is missing from fast food are herbs and spices. Almost every fast food place I've ever visited has relied almost exclusively on salt, sugar and sauces to flavor their food (which consequently is why most of their food is actually devoid of flavor).

It's time to switch it up....Imagine being at your local sub shop and being able to garnish your sub with not only the typical lettuce, onions and tomatoes, but with some actual herbs as well...

"Let's see, I'll have some green peppers, onions, black olives, some fresh basil leaves, sliced tomatoes, some parsley, some cucumbers and, oh what the heck, I'll try some cilantro"

This would be a refreshing change from the otherwise boring monotony that is fast food.

I might have exaggerated with the whole 'million dollar idea thing', but you never know, cutting edge customer service like this would definitely make me a repeat customer.


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1 comment:

David said...

I agree. Herbs are definitely missing. Some of the higher end fast food places lile El Pollo Loco use some but the vast majority is salt and sugar.