Monday, August 11, 2008

Eat Stop Eat Questions

A quick collection of some Eat Stop Eat questions that I have received lately:

E-Mail 1-

Brad, I wanted to ask you – I walk on my treadmill for an hour almost every day – Is it OK to do my treadmill work on the days that I am fasting or will it be too difficult?

Thank you,


Hi Linda,

You should be fine to walk on your treadmill on the days that you fast. Fasting for 24 hours should not prevent you from enjoying your walks in anyway.

I hope this helps,


E-mail 2-

Hi Brad,

I’m new to Eat Stop Eat, and am wondering if I will still get results even if I don’t workout on your “stop” days? I do workout on my Eat Days, but due to my schedule I never seem to be able to workout on the days that I am fasting.


Hi Debbie,

It is nice to hear from you.

You can definitely still get results even if you don't workout on your
Stop Days. As long as you are working out at least twice a week (but hopefully more), and as long as these workouts are challenging, you will get the full benefit of Eat Stop Eat. It doesn’t matter when you workout, as long as you consistently workout.

I hope this helps,


E-mail 3 -

Hi Brad,

I have been using your system for about 2 weeks and the changes in my "normal" body building physique have been crazy. I was dieting pretty hard with the *********** system but was getting tired of it at 8 weeks then read about your system.

My personal story is a lot like yours in regards the BodyBuilder style dieting etc and never getting the results I wanted without extreme measures.

When I tried my first fast while traveling I noticed so many things, the advertising bombardment, smells, questions and reminders to eat, all the advertising etc... and all the chronically over fed people everywhere I looked!

Although I didn't train I noted that my energy levels seemed good and I was very awake... Biggest thing was the quick physique changes in the mirror...

I like the quick results and it makes me want to fast every 3rd day... is that alright? Or is that a no-no? Can you tell me how you eat on your non-fasting days?



Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the email.

I have found that every third day is quite easy to manage. During the summer my daily eating is all over the place due to bbq's, family events and traveling, so I currently follow an every 3rd day routine (generally I fast Sunday-Monday and Thursday-Friday).

When my eating is a little more controlled I drop back to every 5 days. The key is to let your eating guide your fasting.

I can't really tell you about my eating, because I don't really track it. I eat in moderation, and try to enjoy a variety of foods. I eat seasonally and locally when I can, but I don't stress out about it.

I hope this helps,

E-mail 4-

Hi Brad,

I have to say I am amazed that during my eat stop eat lifestyle, which I have been following for a month my strength has actually gone up. Who would have thought you could increase strength during a fast? My deadlift has gone up to 370 for 2x 3 at a weight of 183.


Hi Jimmy,

This is great to hear! Congrats and keep up the great work.


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Vy said...

Hi Brad,
I 've been using your program and have been successful!. I have 2 questions though. I was wondering, on your stop/fasting days, do you or others drink just water and ABSOLUTELY nothing else besides maybe green tea? Also, I started fasting after dinner Sunday night to dinner Monday night, but then started fasting after dinner Sun. through all Monday and eat again at breakfast on Tuesday. Is this too much and does one work better than another?

Just want to maximize results.

Brad Pilon said...

Hi Vy,

Oh no...I drink black coffee, diet pop, black tea, soda water...anything I can get my hands on that is calorie free.

It really depends on you personally..if you can handle the occasional longer fast that it's OK, but don't let them burn you's important to keep your fasts should actually look forward to your next fast!


Vy said...

Thanks for the input, that really helps!