Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The best part of working out

I think I have finally figured out why I love lifting weights.

Obviously, there's the health benefits and the way it makes me look, but I actually like the act of lifting weights, and this has nothing to do with any of the long term benefits.

I was in the gym yesterday and decided to do a "back in the day" workout. I pulled out one of my favorites from my university days, 20 rep squats and 20 rep standing barbell shoulder press.

In was in between my second and third set of squats when it hit me:

When I'm really pushing it in the gym, my mind is quiet.

No inner dialogue, no thinking about things I need to get done, no thinking about things I have read or things I want to write. Nope, when I'm really into a workout, my mind is a whole lot of empty.

I'm doing without doing, as they say.

For a person who thinks waaay to much, this could be the best part of working out - The amazing feeling you get when you realize you are accomplishing things without really thinking about it, or thinking at all.

This was more of a ramble then a blog post, but hopefully the next time you are working out, you experience the same thing.


PS- Here's a great post that Suzanne left on my blog:

Hi there,

I thought I post my results so far too.I am ~ 5 weeks in to fasting 24 hours 2 times a week. So far I have lost 12 pounds, 1.5 inches off my waist and 1 inch off my hips. I really look forward to my fasts and enjoy my results so far!

I love the positive Eat Stop Eat feedback!

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Anonymous said...

Do you have a specific way of working out or just mix it up. Just want to get an idea of your workout regime.

Thanks, connie

Art said...

No offense, Brad, but I like Arnold Schwarzenegger's explanation of how he feels when he works out better. ;o)

Brad Pilon said...

Hi Connie,

My goals for my workout are consistent, and deal with mostly improving body proportions.

My approach is fairly ADD, I like trying many different styles of training, and switch up my routines on an almost monthly basis.


Brad Pilon said...


Can you imagine being Arnold's spotter after hearing that quote...



Lori said...

I agree with you on the workouts, when you are really focused on you, your muscles, and your workouts it can be very quiet and peaceful. Assuming the dork next to you in the gym isn't one of those grunting types.
on a another note, I sleep horrible after a fasting day. I must wake up 6 or more times during the night.I don't do this on regular days. I know that carbs can have something to do with sleep but my first meal is usually quinoa and chickpeas with veggies, and i don't load up on caffene either. Any thoughts?

John said...


The sleep thing happens to me and a buddy of mine who fasts as well.

I have found that the longer into a fast I am the more awake I get. This makes sense as fasting can have a stimulating effect and literally wakes you up.

You can either try to rearrange your fasts so you're not too far into your fast before you go to bed, or try to do a workout that tires you out before bed.


Christoph Dollis said...

That's a great observation.

I just started working out again and did a hard 25 minute "hardly any rest just go to the next exercise" bodyweight routine yesterday... and I experienced the same phenomena! ... yet I didn't "think" about it until you mentioned it.

Which makes sense!

By the way, the word is spelled "quiet".

Damn Canadians. Can't spell worth a dam.

Paul said...

Hi Brad

I actually find that I can solve issues/problems after having this quiet time at the gym or out running.

I've noticed that since starting my IF and resistance training regime I'm finding I can't fall asleep until 2-3 am. We have 2 young kids so I go to the gym after they go to bed (around 7.30pm) I do 30-40 resistance then 10 min HIIT cardio. Then break my fast when I get home. I think it's the exercise rather than IF'ing that's the cause but as its my only window I don't have the choice. Mornings and lunchtimes are not an option for me. Any advice?