Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obesity Drugs

It's funny how sometimes slight exaggerations can create stories that justify extreme measures.

Take for instance the idea that:

Your weight is something that is closely regulated by your body and that in cases of obesity this regulation maintains weight at a high than normal level.
On the surface this tends to make sense. And, the truth is, while fundamentally flawed, if someone were to say this to me at a party, I would probably just let it slide.

And if I did 'let it slide' then the next statement could very easily be:
The process of weight loss activates mechanisms in our bodies that are designed to return a person to their pre-weight loss weight.
And after this giant leap of faith we could quickly end up moving to the conclusion that:
And because of this, life-long drug therapy is justified for those with significant weight problems.
I hope you see the trend here.

If left unchecked there are people who will tell you that weight loss is impossible and that it involves EXTREMELY complex mechanisms that you or I couldn't POSSIBLY comprehend.

They will do their best to make you feel hopeless, then, they will offer you a multi-billion dollar solution in the form of "life-long" therapy with weight loss drugs.

Now, here is the real kicker...

Right now pharmaceutical companies are working very hard to create drugs that can guessed it..the metabolism that occurs when a person is fasting.

That's right - they are looking for a pill that can reduce insulin, increase growth hormone, grehlin and FGF-21, and increase the sensitivity of the enzymes responsible for releasing fat from your body fat stores.

We are led to believe that we couldn't possibly lose weight without their help.

But the truth is, we really don't need any help at all.

As I have said before...Since the day we were born, our bodies have known EXACTLY how to burn body fat.

It's true. Unless you have some ultra-rare metabolic disease, your body is already AMAZING at burning body just have to give it the opportunity.

If you give your body the opportunity, it will do exactly what it is built to do.

So do yourself a favor, find the easiest possible way to eat a little less than you need to (I recommend Eat Stop Eat), then step back and watch your body do its job.

You have better things to do with your time than to listen to people who try to sell you Life Long drug therapy as a way to 'cure' weight loss.

Fat loss can be incredibly simple, if you let it be.


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