Friday, October 24, 2008

Is Eat Stop Eat a Water Fast?

There is a very large difference between Eat Stop Eat and some other forms of strict fasting - Namely with Eat Stop Eat you are allowed (and encouraged) to drink fluids during the fasting periods.

This makes Eat Stop Eat a form of water fasting, but you are allowed to drink more than just water. I list of a bunch of different options in the video below.


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The Science of Cheating said...

Brad - just wondering if you saw this:

:) Marcie

Robert said...

I am suprised that you mentioned Diet soda, while it may be low calorie. It certainly is not healthy

Brad said...

Hi Robert,

I've considered changing my stance on diet soda, but I keep coming back to the same dilemma,

Which is better for you health - Losing weight if you are overweight, or avoiding drinking 1 or 2 diet colas per week?

I'm still on the side that losing weight is more important.

However, when possible, I fully encourage someone to try fasting without diet soda.


Brad said...

Hi Marcie,

all is can say is..oh well.

I'm starting to realize people are taking negative stances against fasting just to get some internet traffic attention.

No matter how good the idea, there will always be naysayers.


Anonymous said...

Brad, what do you think of doing a water fast for 7-10 days straight? Do you think a lot of muscle mass would be lost?

Brad Pilon said...

Hi Anon,

My research only covered short term fasting - from 12 hours to 72 hours.

I don't really have any expertise in long term fasting.

Sorry I Couldn't be more help.