Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Making Fasting Work for You

Occasionally I get email from people who have difficulties with there fasts.

Fasting is like every other aspect of your life. You are going to have easy fasts and you are going to have days that are a little tougher.

But here is the beauty of flexible intermittent fasting - you can tailor your fasts to your own individual needs.

For instance, let's say..you tend to get hungry around 16 hours into your fast. In this scenario I would suggest a 11 am to 11 am fast.

This way you are asleep at the 17 hour mark (around 4 AM), and by the time you do get up, you only have a couple of hours left in your fast.

Another example is when people have problems eating too much after their fasts.

In this scenario you could use later start and stop times, such as 9 pm to 9 pm. This way, once your fast is completed you only have 2 or 3 hours before it's time for bed..which means less time for eating.

By tailoring your fasts to your own personal needs you can guarantee weight loss success with as little effort as possible.


Hi Brad,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the fasting suggestions you gave me the other day. The noon to noon fast is perfect for me!

I even did an intense weight training session and had SO much energy that evening and the following day. It's helped to keep my blood sugar levels more stable when I'm not fasting too.

I've realised that I actually feel better when I'm fasting, and you can see the changes in my body already! My mum told me last night that my abs were amazing! Always room for improvements though. So given all of that I can't wait for my next fast tomorrow.

Thanks again Brad.

Amy x))

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D said...

Hi there,
Just wanted to let you know I am 2.5 hours away from completing my first IF! (but who's counting). It is amazing how much pressure is relieved knowing that I just didn't have to eat today. Going in, I thought it would be torture, but it was the opposite. Almost a relief. Don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to dinner! But physically I can totally do this. I look forward to continuing.

Suzanne said...

Hi there,
I thought I post my results so far too.I am ~ 5 weeks in to fasting 24 hours 2 times a week. So far I have lost 12 pounds, 1.5 inches off my waist and 1 inch off my hips. I really look forward to my fasts and enjoy my results so far!

Brad Pilon said...

Hi D,

I'm glad your finding Eat Stop Eat a stress free way of eating.

My philosophy is that of all he things we can waste time stressing about in our lives, food should not be one of them.


Brad Pilon said...

HI Suzanne,

Great results! Congratulations.


Colin B said...

In the past I found fasting works well for weight loss, 1st I had to fast for a blood test for 24 hours, then repeat at the end of the week. (blood sugar test). Another when in hospital intense drugs meant complete loss of appetite, (1 week after being diagnosed with depression). Living only on toast, after a week, restored appetite, eat a proper meal. left a lot lighter.

But the weight slowly came back.